Zoho adds features that can turn a video call into remote assistance for repairing cars, appliances and more

Zoho adds features that can turn a video call into remote assistance for repairing cars, appliances and more

  • Zoho Lens will use augmented reality to enable technicians to remotely provide technical support to their customers.
  • According to Hariharan Muralimanohar, Marketing Director at Zoho One, Zoho Lens will turn your mobile phone into distant eyes.
  • Zoho also launched Zoho Commerce to enable merchants to set up their online stores and provide them with the tools they need.

All along, you must have heard about your nearest kirana store going online, but has someone checked with the nearest technician what they were up to? There will soon be a similar development on this front as well.

You don’t have to wait hours to fix your internet, car, or microwave oven. Now you can do everything yourself in a matter of minutes.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company Zoho Corp has launched its latest smart remote control app called Zoho Lens to help you with this. The app – which combines smart lens with video call function – even enables your next technician to set up online shops and to support you in this new challenge.

How does this work?

The company’s latest Zoho Lens app will use Augmented Reality (AR) to help technicians share their technical expertise with the customer via video call.

Zoho Lens provides a “comprehensive view” of a customer’s technical problems, according to the company.

A technician can simply invite the customer to a virtual session, just like video chat. The customer only needs to display the malfunctioning device via the camera on his smartphone or data glasses.

“So Zoho Lens can transform your mobile phone to act as distant eyes,” said Hariharan Muralimanohar, director of marketing at Zoho One, a suite of products from Zoho.

But why not just call a technician via video?

At the heart of Zoho Lens is a video calling feature with a technician to help you repair your own devices.

However, the technicians can also take a screenshot and freeze the camera screen to better assess the problem while interacting via voice-over or text chat.

The technician can also add an additional layer of annotation tools to the live video stream to help the customer identify the problems on their devices. This helps the technician analyze a particular problem and helps the customer even further.

Screengrab by Zoho LensZoho Corp

“You call a technician and he asks you what the problem is so you can grab your phone and point the camera at the problem area. [With the help of Zoho Lens], the technician can get a clearer view of what is really going on and they can then comment on the top of the app and tell you how to fix the problem, “added Muralimanohar.

“This [Zoho Lens] helps a technician keep doing his or her job without being able to be there in person, which is a situation we all face now, ”he added.

Who can use it

The enterprise tech startup claims that this latest feature can help individuals solve technical problems like car repairs, device repairs, repairing an unstable internet connection, and more.

The Zoho Lens feature can be used by multiple industries including healthcare, maintenance and repair, customer service, insurance, manufacturing, construction, and more.

A standard one month subscription to Zoho Lens costs 720 per technician per month, while a professional subscription is 960.

Additionally, Zoho also launched Zoho Commerce to allow retailers to set up their online stores and provide them with tools for website building, order taking, inventory tracking and more. This offer will enable 100 product companies to set up online stores in three weeks.


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