Woman Creates Genius Way to Elevate Builder-Grade Bathroom on a Budget

Woman Creates Genius Way to Elevate Builder-Grade Bathroom on a Budget

It looks like a totally different space.

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Builder-grade- in construction- means the area is made up of the most simple and bare-bones building materials. Everything from paints, light fixtures, floor coverings, roofing, adhesives, and plumbing fixtures. These sorts of areas typically look like what you would find in just about anybody’s home that is not custom built, think brown shag carpet, white paint, a basic sink vanity, and the bulky white shower and tub combo insert.

These shower and tub combo inserts are hard to change and fix up to make your space feel elevated and personalized, but they are very cheap which is why many builders choose to use them. Home DIYer and TikToker @spetrichhome found a creative way to upgrade a builder-grade shower-tub combo and we are pleasantly shocked by the final results!

The previously bland white shower and tub combo insert mixed with the white walls, silver metal shower curtain rod and matching silver shower faucets doesn’t necessarily scream “interior design” but more “basic”, but thankfully the woman’s DIY skills flipped this tub on its head!

She used muscle bound tile adhesive and modern hexagon tiles to line the area above the shower- where the shower and tub combo insert meet the blank white wall, which when using the bathrooms and the shower curtain is closed you can still see the pretty tile works. The woman adds black fixtures to tie in with the hex tile grout she used, and upgrades her shower curtain and rod.

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