What Plumbing Jobs Can I do Myself In Queensland?

What Plumbing Jobs Can I do Myself In Queensland?

Many Australians love to do household chores themselves. We often repair our own cars, do landscaping, maybe paint the house, or even do house renovations. If something needs to be repaired or replaced in the house, we often try it ourselves. This also applies to work on the house installation. While some plumbing can be attempted by the homeowner, others should only be done by a licensed plumber. both for legal reasons and for security reasons. Let’s take a look at what plumbing jobs you can do around the house and when it is imperative to bring in an experienced and licensed plumber.

You can switch your own faucet washing machines

Dripping and leaking taps inside and outside the home are one of the most common problems in plumbing. Faucet washers wear out over time and must be replaced to achieve a good seal. You don’t have to be a licensed plumber to replace your home’s faucet washers. Just make sure you turn off the main water supply before attempting this.

You can replace the shower head

If you’ve lived in your house for a while, you may find that the shower head is a little old, clogged and not working as efficiently as it used to be. Or maybe you want to save water and plan to install a low flow shower head. You don’t have to be a licensed plumber to replace the shower head, and you don’t even have to turn off the tap to turn it off.

You can replace parts in your toilet cistern

In the toilet cistern (where the water is stored) there are various small parts that can wear out. Examples are:

  • The drop valve disc
  • Float valve washer
  • Suction cup rubber

If you need to replace any of these parts inside the cistern and think you can do so, the law allows it. If you are unsure about replacing the parts yourself, either find someone to do it or give the plumber a call to do it for you. Either way, you don’t want a toilet that keeps leaking and wasting water.

You can replace a household water filter cartridge

If your kitchen faucet is equipped with a service water filter system, the filter cartridges it contains must be replaced from time to time and yes, anyone can change the filter cartridge. A professional does not have to be called in for this.

They can replace floor-level inspection panels and openings in plumbing drains

Cleaning or replacing siphons on drains can be done by anyone and does not require the involvement of an expert. As long as you know what to do, you can clean the siphons on the sanitary drains or even replace inspection panels if necessary. This is more of a general maintenance task than plumbing and does not require special training.

You can do your own drain and toilet cleaning and cleaning

Both drains and the toilet can become clogged or slow the drain if dirt builds up in the pipes. With the help of a plunger or even a toilet / pipe coil, you can try cleaning the drains or the toilet yourself.

However, for more severe blockages that you simply cannot resolve, you should call your plumber to investigate the blockage further. You can send CCTV cameras up the tubes to see exactly what is going on and find a solution.

Aside from trying to remove debris with a plunger or snake, you can also do your own drain cleaning and sanitizing. When choosing a drain cleaner or disinfectant, choose an environmentally friendly product that does not contain harsh chemicals.

You cannot install your own piping system

If you want to install or replace plumbing anywhere in the house or garden, the law requires you to use a licensed plumber to do this type of plumbing. Rules and regulations aside, you don’t want to mess around with the lines that way anyway. It is better to be sure that the first time the job was done correctly by a professional.

You cannot install or replace the hot water system

If you need to install a new hot water system in the house, it is not a task that everyone should try on their own. A professional plumber is required to install or replace the hot water system.

Proper installation of a hot water system requires a professional. Pipelines and electricity (for electric models) must be connected to the new hot water system. Your installer can also verify that the new system is working properly and make adjustments if necessary.

When you invest the money in a new hot water system, you want it to work as efficiently as possible.

You cannot install your own toilet system

While you can swap out some of the small parts in the toilet cistern, and also try to free a blocked toilet with either a plunger or a toilet snake, no home improvement should attempt to install a complete toilet system. This is a task best left to a trained and licensed professional.

Even if you were allowed to build a new toilet yourself, would you really risk not getting the job right and having a toilet leaking all over the place? Not a very tempting scenario.


While there are minor maintenance jobs that a homeowner can easily do themselves, for the majority of the plumbing work on your home, it is both preferable and legally required to use a licensed plumber. Refined Plumbing is the right team on the Sunshine Coast.

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