Water Mold Fire Restoration of Minneapolis Offers Mold Removal and Water Damage Restoration Services in Minneapolis, MN


Minneapolis, MN – Water Mold Fire Restoration knows how devastating flood damage can be to the community. With the impeccable restoration, the nation has always turned to WMF Restoration to put damaged homes and businesses back in order. The full-service restoration experts at WMF Restoration quickly ensure order and repair the damage left behind after a disaster. As a result, vital services like Minneapolis mold removal are speeding up to create a safe living environment.

The full restoration service company continues to expand its operations while helping devastated communities get back to normal. To date, Water Mold provides fire restoration services in more than 50 cities across the United States. Eric Rajchel, CEO of the company, has a background in kinesiology and exercise science and has been with the company for 10 years. For residents of the Minneapolis area, mold removal and restoration is an important part of WMF Restoration’s services.

At Water Mold Fire Restoration, we believe that there is no damage that we cannot handle. We have special internal damage and shipping teams that are on standby in the event of water damage, fire repair and mold remediation. One of the services in high demand is the cleaning and restoration services for residential and commercial real estate in the Minneapolis area. Our professionals have the right tools to perform mold testing and air duct cleaning, which are essential in restoring damaged items to their original condition.

The experienced water mold fire restoration teams were previously called in to deal with major disasters such as the floods in the Midwest, polar eddies and Hurricane Sandy. The multi-site recovery company always has a team ready to take calls from different locations. Elevated levels of mold indoors or in businesses can lead to numerous health problems such as itchy eyes and skin, wheezing, and even intense reactions. The WMF restoration office in Minneapolis has the tools to safely remove and remediate mold damage.

WMF Restoration, Inc. is a Fort Lauderdale, FL registered company that began as a water damage restoration service in mid-2000 before expanding into mold restoration of locked houses. Minneapolis, MN residents can benefit from Minneapolis water damage restoration and additional services such as carpet cleaning, smoke and odor removal, demolition, and pack and pack-in services.

The Water Mold Fire Restoration of Minneapolis is located at 2800 North 2nd Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411. The office phone number is 651-395-7036. The law firm’s operational teams are made up of people with all kinds of experience and backgrounds. Finally, Water Mold Fire Restoration is an IICRC Certified Company, Licensed Florida Mold Remediator, Licensed Florida Mold Accessor, and NACHI Certified Home Inspector.

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