VS Appliance Services Offers Viking Unit Owners Certified Appliance Repair in Seattle

VS Appliance Services Offers Viking Unit Owners Certified Appliance Repair in Seattle

VS Appliance Services is now offering repairs and installations to residents and businesses in Seattle. The welcomed development ushers in an era for the Boston community, where Viking brand users can handle appliance problems quickly and efficiently. In the words of the company’s spokesperson, “Goodbye to the frustration and hassle of finding a reliable appliance repair technician when you need one the most.”

With an extensive and proven track record of servicing a wide range of appliances, the company has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry. All of the technicians and staff members of VS Appliance Services are fully certified, insured, and bonded to guarantee the safety and quality of the services provided. To ensure quality workmanship, the team follows strict industry standards and uses only the most reliable and trusted OEM-certified parts for appliances like:

  • refrigerators
  • freezer
  • microwave
  • cooking range
  • Hood

Viking appliance repair experts recommend getting in touch under the following circumstance:

  • Weird noises from the unit
  • Poor heat regulation from the burner
  • Poor cooling
  • Frosting around the fridge compartment
  • Oven door doesn’t shut properly
  • Water leakage from the refrigeration appliance

These are only a few of the problems Viking appliance owners may experience, whether using a freezer or a range. Each one can be a nightmare. Hence, owners are advised not to ignore even the slight difference in the performance of any home unit. Immediate care prevents further damage to the appliance that may result in losing irreplaceable items.

Speaking further, the spokesperson stated, “Viking products aren’t your everyday kitchen appliances. They’re top-of-the-line units that are worth your time and resources. Their design and build quality require experts with specialized knowledge and advanced tools to fix, service, and maintain them. In that respect, we know how to deliver high performance and satisfaction.”

Apart from appliance repair services, Viking owners in the Boston area can rely on VS Appliance Services for installations. There is no better way to get the maximum value of the appliance purchase than with proper set-up. An expert can determine the need for a duct relocation, a water line extension, or a new electrical panel. Clients can count on the company to provide solutions with integrity no matter the situation.

“Our team prides itself on its outstanding quality of workmanship. We don’t just get the job done — we aim to surpass our customers’ expectations,” said VS Appliance Services spokesperson. Having already built a solid reputation in the industry, the company intends to continue expanding its coverage by adding new locations.

About VS Appliance Services

VS Appliance Services is an authorized Viking repair company that provides comprehensive diagnostics, troubleshooting, and servicing to customers across Seattle. The team of trained and certified experts handle a wide range of problems, including water leakage, door failure, frosting, and motor issues. Having over 15 years of experience in the field, VS Appliance Services is in a position to bring customers the best value for their money. The company is open from Mondays to Saturdays, and clients can schedule service online.

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