Volunteers Working to Rebuild Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara After Flood Damage | Local News | Noozhawk

Volunteers Working to Rebuild Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara After Flood Damage | Local News | Noozhawk

About two weeks after the major storm that caused flooding and damage across Santa Barbara County, dozens of volunteers are making progress repairing the Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara building, where parts of the church were left under water from flooding.

While work is being done to restore the building, the church has been holding its Sunday morning services at the Arlington Theatre.

The heavy rain caused about 2.5 feet of water to flood the church’s children’s area, in addition to standing water and flooding throughout the rest of the building. 

Kids were happy, though, to learn that the large play boat and the kitchen in the children’s area had survived.

It wasn’t the first time that Senior Pastor Tommy Schneider had seen the church flood. It flooded in 1995, when he was working as a janitor for the church.

The difference this time, however, according Schneider, was that the building wasn’t finished by the time of the 1995 flood, but it was this time, and the children’s area had even recently completed renovations in the months prior.

Volunteers — including members of the church and other churches, and even other people from the community who are not part of Calvary Chapel — have been drying out the walls and furniture, replacing drywall, removing about 30,000 square feet of flooring, repainting and more.

“It’s a devastating amount of work, both financially and also just labor-wise,” Schneider said.

Benches are left out to dry after Calvary Chapel flooded. (flood updates, city and environmental inspectors have approved their drywall extraction, allowing them to move forward with rebuilding, and gave them “a ‘clean’ bill of health on the building.”

The update also said that volunteers have completed “phase one,” consisting of demolition,  flooring salvage, wall drying, and sanitization, and are now moving onto the “rebuild, refurbish and refresh of all of the walls and flooring.”

With the goal to reopen by Feb. 5, one more Sunday morning service will be held at the Arlington Theater, as well as livestreamed online on the church’s website or its social media.