Volunteers needed for tree removal at Quarryville Library, building ramp at Art of Recycle [United Way column] | Together

Volunteers needed for tree removal at Quarryville Library, building ramp at Art of Recycle [United Way column] | Together

At United Way of Lancaster County, we’ve been busy surveying local

nonprofits and charity-based organizations to identify Day of Caring projects. Friday and Saturday marked our 34th Day of Caring, and the responses we received provided ample opportunities for participating organizations’ volunteer teams to give back.

Each year, we are also made aware of projects that require more skill and expertise than our Day of Caring volunteer teams can offer. These are the ongoing “go big” projects that call for a team with a specific skill set, that will go above and beyond for a much-deserving agency.

To be honest, I’ve been racking my brain, trying to think of ways to serve two agencies that came to us for help.

So, here it is — a call to action for the readers of LNP | LancasterOnline. My hope is that one or more readers will have a “light bulb moment,” and feel compelled by the spirit of community to #LiveUnited and offer their specialized services.

Tree removal at the Quarryville Library Center

The Quarryville Library staff seeks a team of volunteers equipped to remove a dead tree on their property. They do not have the tools to take down the tree, nor the means to remove the limbs and remnants once the project is completed.

In addition to the removal, they seek help with weeding and power-washing the building. If you aren’t aware, the Quarryville Library rivals other libraries in the Library System of Lancaster County — it’s a massive 12,000-square-foot building with a respectable circulation number. With the library’s two full-time employees and a very high circulation rate, the full realization and execution of this task can seem next to impossible.

A knowledgeable landscaping crew that feels compelled to act out a good deed would easily accomplish this project in one afternoon. The library is at 357 Buck Road, Quarryville. For information on this volunteer opportunity, visit lanc.news/LibraryTreeRemoval.

Build a ramp, bridge a gap

The Art of Recycle, 27 Cloister Ave., Ephrata, is in need of a ramp to make its 18,000-square-foot facility more accessible to the people who utilize the space.

Community members and visitors from across the state descend upon this incomparable trove of recycled treasures to explore their creativity. Those who know of the nonprofit are fully aware of how essential their programming is.

An online review from a board member states: “I remember when it was just a vision in our heads. Now, it serves thousands of people, has hundreds of volunteers, and does an amazing job at helping the community in the most thought-out manners. Art of Recycle has exceeded anything we could have dreamt, and it is all because of the community that works hard to make it happen.”

Our community has the opportunity to “go big” for Art of Recycle and provide them a ramp that will allow even more individuals to experience their space.

If I had any clue as to how to build a ramp, I would have been there yesterday. One could possibly create a ramp with all of the materials they have on-site, but it might be safer to use actual wood than 10,000 Popsicle sticks. For more information on this project, visit lanc.news/RecycleRamp.

In addition to these “big” needs, both Quarryville Library and Art of Recycle seek ongoing volunteers, and depend on them to sustain their community standing. To connect with either agency, and review their active volunteer needs, you can visit their individual pages on United Way of Lancaster’s GetConnected volunteer portal:

lanc.news/QvilleLibraryVolunteers and lanc.news/RecycleVolunteers.

Julie Kennedy is the community initiatives manager for United Way of Lancaster County.

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