UPDATE: Newmarket rescues crow trapped in tree

UPDATE: Newmarket rescues crow trapped in tree

Crow was wrapped up in string on Bayview Parkway, getting transported to rehab facility

UPDATE, 1 p.m.: Rescuers have successfully saved a crow trapped by a string in a tree on Bayview Parkway.

The municipality, alongside the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, was able to get the injured crow out of the tree with the help of Weller Tree Services. 

Resident Sandra Cormier, who first spotted the injured crow yesterday, said it was an emotional moment to witness.

“It was a little feisty, so I think, hopefully, it will make a full recovery,” she said. “We were all just cheering and clapping. I was almost in tears. I’m so glad that this little guy got rescued.”

Town animal services and parking acting supervisor Jacob Brewer said Weller Tree Services used a boom lift to reach the bird and cut it free. 

“Our animal services officers carefully received, assessed, stabilized and transported the bird,” Brewer said. “The bird sustained a minor injury to its left wing and is now at the Toronto Wildlife Centre for rehabilitation.” 

Cormier said town animal services told her that the injured bird would be taken to a Toronto rehab facility for recovery. 

The crows were more noisy than usual yesterday night across from Cormier’s home, she said. She decided to investigate where she found dozens of crows surrounding an injured one stuck in the tree. She reported it to the municipality after-hours line and posted about it on Facebook.

“The night was very stressful, but this morning, everything came together quite quickly and efficiently, and I was quite pleased,” she said.


Rescue efforts are underway for a crow trapped by string in a tree on Bayview Parkway, but volunteers and authorities are looking for a licensed arborist to help.

Newmarket residents spotted the crow yesterday afternoon on the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority property at 120 Bayview Parkway. The crow has remained in the tree since, surrounded by dozens of others crows calling out for help. The conservation authority and town animal control are on the scene and seeking someone who could get up into the tree. 

Local biologist Aileen Barclay is trying to connect people to save it. 

“There’s a circle of life, but when a crow is stuck up there because of string or garbage from humans, it’s the right thing to do for humans to fix that problem,” she said. 

Barclay said it’s fortunate the crow survived the night. She said it is good that it is not colder, but there is a concern for dehydration.

The origin of the string is unknown. Barclay said it could have been something it picked up closer to the ground and then got caught, or else the string was left behind in the tree from something like a balloon. 

The crows surrounding the trapped one is a sign of the species’ intelligence, Barclay said.

“Crows are unbelievably smart. They have self-awareness. They can assess a situation and problem solve,” she said. “Its family is there quite concerned and trying to help.” 

Barclay said she hopes authorities can help but wants to secure the aid of a licensed arborist who can climb up the tree and free the crow. Rescuers could then get the crow to an animal rehab facility. 

Any arborist who can help can contact Barclay at 416-550-4154.

“It’s really sad to see that stuck and suffering.”