Two trees to be removed on West St

Two trees to be removed on West St

Two trees will be removed from West Street, near Formosa, on Sunday and six new trees more suitable for the area will be planted.

Contractors for the Ashburton District Council will be removing a large tree from in front of Formosa restaurant and another on the corner of West and Tancred Streets, opposite Cleavers Corner.

Community Services Group Manager Steve Fabish said the two trees to be removed on Sunday have been showing signs of failing for a number of years and unfortunately are now needing to be removed. Other trees in the block had already been removed.

“We’re doing the tree removal work on Sunday as traffic is quieter and there will be less disruption for businesses. On Monday we will be underway with our preparation work for replanting and the trees chosen have an upright form much more suitable for the area.”

Four trees will be planted on the Formosa block and two on Cleaver’s block. The trees to be planted are Carpinus betulus “fastigiata”, which is an upright European hornbeam and Fagus “Dawyck Purple”, which is an upright European purple beech.

People walking or driving through the area are asked to take care and follow directions of the contractor. Work will begin on Sunday morning.