Triad Appliance Authority Is Going Greener By Buying Old Appliances And Recycling Them

Triad Appliance Authority Is Going Greener By Buying Old Appliances And Recycling Them

Triad Appliance Authority is proud to be a leader in the green movement by providing recycling services for household appliances. To avoid waste, the company buys used appliances and recycles them. They also sell replacement parts for appliances.

According to an UN-sponsored environmental estimate, electronic trash generated 54 million metric tons in 2020 alone. This equates to approximately $57 billion in appliances (CAD 71.5 billion). By purchasing refurbished home and kitchen appliances, this technology waste can be kept out of landfills while saving money.

Triad Appliance Authority provides homeowners with a wide range of household appliances, making life a bit easier for them. From microwaves, washing machines, dryers to refrigerators, they offer multiple homes and kitchen appliances from reputable brands all over the world under one roof.

They even provide financing alternatives for home appliance purchases. They offer a variety of financing alternatives, including American First Finance, Acima, Progressive Leasing (LEASE-TO-OWN), and WestCreek, all of which have different terms and conditions and installations to help homeowners buy the latest appliances for their homes.

Speaking of their services, a representative at the company said, “Purchasing new appliances is unquestionably expensive. Because new products are more expensive than used items, they will cost you a fortune. At Triad Appliance Authority, we offer used appliances so you can stay within your budget and not break your bank. Our refurbished appliances undergo thorough testing to ensure quality. We also provide a warranty on these appliances so that you shop without any stress. We are currently offering discounts on our refurbished appliances to encourage you to reduce waste and do your bit to save the environment.”

Apart from great financing choices and a wide variety of smart appliances, the company also has a team of qualified repair technicians who can provide swift and expert appliance repairs.

Homeowners interested in purchasing smart appliances through various financial options can reach out to Triad Appliance Authority through the information provided below.

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Triad Appliance Authority is a well-known firm that sells a variety of smart appliances at affordable rates. In addition, the company provides extra financing options to make it easier for customers to purchase appliances. Their collection includes appliances from leading brands such as Whirpool, LG, Samsung, and more.

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