Tree-trimming snaps cable wires | Kolkata News

Tree-trimming snaps cable wires | Kolkata News

Calcutta: A pre-puja tree-felling drill conducted by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has littered several thoroughfares in southern Calcutta with cable television and broadband cables lying in the roadways, dangerous for motorists and pedestrians.
While local cable operators have acted quickly in some locations to clean up and clean up the cable chaos, both cable and broadband services have been disrupted in several neighborhoods in New Alipore, Chetla, Alipore and Bhowanipore over the past week. A biker was killed in Salt Lake last week after his front wheel became entangled in a braided cable.
‚ÄúThis could be dangerous, so we asked all of our local operators to remove the cables as soon as possible. There has been some disruption to the service, but it has not been severe, “said a representative from All Bengal Cable and Broadband Operators’ United. He added that most of the wires pulled down by KMC during tree pruning were “live” ones. “Most of the dead cables, other than those used by cellular operators, have been removed from the Bhowanipore-New Alipore-Chetla area, with the exception of the Gariahat-Ruby stretch,” he said.
Dead and broken cables along the Rashbehari Avenue EM bypass connection were torn from the forum last January after a push by the state government. All dead wires along a 4 km stretch between Ruby Junction and Gariahat Junction have been removed.