Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa Invests in a New Truck to Help with After Service Cleanup


Santa Rosa, Calif. – A company that has always taken all the necessary measures to ensure its clients are always happy, Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa has expanded its list of tree service machines to offer even more satisfaction. When unmasking the new piece of machinery—an 18-wheeled truck—the CEO noted that this truck would give his team of tree cutting professionals in Santa Rosa the ability to clean up after each tree maintenance procedure.

Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa has made a name for itself by offering after-service cleanup services,” said the company’s CEO. “After the company handles tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and other tree maintenance services, the company has always collected the waste generated. This, however, has always been an additional cost on the side of the client.”

The CEO noted that in the past, his company had to hire a truck to carry the waste generated. This often increased the company’s cost for each tree maintenance procedure.

To stay in business,” said the Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa CEO, “the company had to add the cost of renting a truck to the total cost charged for tree services. In most cases, this would add as much as $1,000 on the client’s quotation.”

The CEO noted that with the new truck, his team will no longer need to rent a truck. This, in turn, means that homeowners will enjoy lower tree service costs.

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When looking for a truck to add to our collection of tree maintenance tools,” said the CEO, “the goal was to find a truck that had enough room for the waste generated by a major tree removal procedure.”

The CEO noted that his team had been invited to landscape to handle tree removals for trees over 300 feet tall. He noted that such trees would generate a significant amount of waste.

Removing a 350-foot sycamore tree is not an easy task,” said the CEO. “In some cases—especially in scenarios where the tree is standing next to an important utility—the tree has to be brought down one foot at a time. Waste created by more than 350 parts of the tree is quite significant. If you add the leaves, the branches, the tree stump, and the sawdust, you are looking at a lot of waste that cannot be fitted into a small to medium-sized truck. This is why the company decided to get a big truck.”

The CEO noted that in addition to helping homeowners save money, the new truck would also reduce the time homeowners needed to wait for their tree service procedures.

The company can’t initiate tree maintenance procedures before all the tools needed are ready,” said the Tree service Experts Santa Rosa CEO. “Before purchasing the new truck, the company had to look for a truck to rent before heading to the tree removal site. In Santa Rosa, finding rental trucks is not that easy. In some cases, the company had to wait for a whole day to get access to a truck that was already on a different project.”

The CEO noted that with the new truck, the wait time would be eliminated. He added that the homeowners will enjoy the benefit of requesting a tree maintenance procedure and then receiving it on the same day.

With the new truck,” said the CEO, “homeowners can request for a tree maintenance procedure and receive it before the day ends.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Rosa is a tree maintenance company located at 1101 College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States. The company can, however, be contacted at +1 707-248-3676 and [email protected]

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