Tree service companies at the ready for severe storms

Tree service companies at the ready for severe storms

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN)– Ahead of another weather system passing through the area Friday evening, homeowners were already taking the necessary steps to make their homes safe from storm damage.

The state of North Carolina has had its fair share of severe weather within the past few weeks. On Monday, heavy rain, wind and lightning left behind damage in several areas.

Tim Robbins, who runs ArborMax Tree Service, said they usually treat and remove trees. Lately, they have had to remove dozens of trees from homes due to storm damage.

“We’ve seen everything from a six-feet diameter oak trees, to pine trees that have caused a little impact to absolutely obliterating the home,” Robbins said.

Their crew of at least 50 members have worked non-stop for the past few weeks.

“We haven’t been taken out of response mode. Every day we’ve had crews moving trees from homes,” he said.

George Wehmann, who lives in Raleigh, said the experience from Hurricane Fran made him use Robbins services throughout the years.

“Back during Hurricane Fran, we had 16 trees behind the house come down- all of which missed the house. We had one tree hit the side of the porch here,” Wehmann shared with CBS17.

He said preventative service was a no-brainer and based on their swiftness and professionalism, he encourages all homeowners to use the service.

“When we did one tree at a time, they’d come in here and pull the tree out and they’d be gone in an hour or two. Then you’d be like ‘They were here,’ Wehmann said.

Robbins said so far, they have helped remove more than 40 trees from homes in the past few weeks and they are prepared for whatever Friday storm brings.