Tree cutting ordinance gets first reading | News

Tree cutting ordinance gets first reading | News

This submitted photo shows illegal dumping of tree cutting waste in the Meathouse area of ​​Pike County.

During the March 1 regular meeting of the Pike County Fiscal Court, a proposed ordinance pertaining to the disposal of waste product from tree cutting companies received a first reading.

“This first reading is on a proposed ordinance prohibiting tree removal companies from depositing and or leaving debris, mud and foreign objects or materials on county roads without prior approval from the Pike County Road supervisor,” said Pike County Judge-Executive Ray Jones. “This is a topic we have discussed in prior court meetings and let me be clear that this isn’t just professional tree cutting services, as a lot of people are doing this and the problem is that this debris ends up in the ditch lines and drains and cause a lot of problems for not only county roads but to private property owners.”

Assistant County Attorney Roy Downey explained that a second reading will be held at the next regular fiscal court meeting and if adopted, his office will begin notifying the tree cutting companies that do business in the county so they will be informed of the new ordinance.

“Any company found to illegally dumping or depositing debris in an area not designated by the county road supervisor the fiscal court may fine the company $1,000 on the first violation, a second violation the fine will increase to $5,000 and on a third violation the fiscal court may issue a $10,000 fine and prohibit the company from operating in Pike County,” Downey said. “In addition to the fine, the fiscal court may require the tree cutting company to pay for any cleanup cost or any cost of abatement.”

The second reading of the proposed ordinance will be held March 15.