Tree cleanup operations underway in Detroit after Monday’s storm

Tree cleanup operations underway in Detroit after Monday’s storm

From power outages to fallen trees and downed power lines, Monday’s storm wreaked havoc across southeast Michigan.

On Detroit’s west side, Jasmine Taylor’s home was damaged after a tree came crashing down. Luckily at the time she and her two kids were not at home.

“Coming up to the street, like once I got to the corner, I could clearly see what was going on and I couldn’t believe it,” said Jasmine Taylor.

The incident unfolded around 6 pm. The tree punctured the roof and damaged the furniture and everything inside her house.

“My bedroom, clothes, shoes everything is damaged. Like no good,” said Taylor.

Jasmine says this is the first time she has experienced such a disaster.

Meanwhile, Detroit’s General Services Department has been tasked with the cleanup operations. Tony Rumphy says the department has already received over 150 storm damage calls.

“We prioritize them by getting trees off the house, and any trees blocking the right of way, the right of way will be the street and sidewalk. From the right of way, if it’s on the house, we address it, but if it’s between the sidewalk and the home, that’s a private tree, we wouldn’t address that,” said Tony Rumphy, Senior Associate Forester, City of Detroit.

Tony says besides the house crew, four contractors have also been called in to speed up the cleanup process.

“We would like to address at least 40 to 45,” said Rumphy.

As for the best way to report an incident, Tony says to use the Improve Detroit app.

“We look at those every morning, to see what we need to do and go out and do the storm work,” said Rumphy.

The ‘Improve Detroit’ app is available on Google and Apple stores. People can also call the emergency number 313.590.336 to report storm damage.

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2022-08-30 22:23:00