Tradies see influx of work alongside Norwich housing boom

Tradies see influx of work alongside Norwich housing boom

Tradies across the city have warned customers that they’re still just as busy as ever heading into the Christmas period. 

Tiler Gavin Wright, 53 – who was named the best in the UK according to the online directory Yell earlier this year – has been self-employed for more than 20 years.

He was a one-man operation before welcoming his 17-year-old son Leo into the business in February to learn the trade.

He said: “Like many tradies I am booked up straight to the end of January.

Norwich Evening News:

“What’s frustrating is watching the news and hearing about recession and the doom and gloom yet I can’t get plasterers or joiners because everyone’s booked up well into next year.

“I’ve got one joiner with no availability until March.

“Everyone in our industry is still so busy even though there’s talk of a recession ahead.

Norwich Evening News:

“I’m more than happy being busy, it’s a testimony to the work.

“People are putting in a new bathroom or tidying up a kitchen because they’re selling their home and looking to buy.

Norwich Evening News:

“There’s still a lot of people migrating around the city and I have come across a lot of people that have just moved here.

“Norwich seems to be a big attraction for those coming up from the likes of London.

“People want a lifestyle change and have cottoned on to our hidden paradise.

“At the minute, new homes are popping up everywhere.

Norwich Evening News:

“And there’s a change in attitudes and people wanting to invest in their homes since Covid. It had a massive impact.

“When they were stuck at home, they realised how bad it was looking because they couldn’t get out.

Norwich Evening News:

“But people are willing to wait and when it comes to their turn because they’ve got a few jobs that need doing, they’ll get them done at once so not to have to wait again.”

John Riseborough, of Acre Joinery in Alston Road, added: “We’re flat out.

“We do a lot of restorations and extensions, and with a lot of people moving into the area it has produced a lot of work for us as many are buying and restoring old properties.”