The Most Expensive Home Appliances to Repair

The Most Expensive Home Appliances to Repair

When you have a home, whether it’s an urban flat or a rural cottage, you will inevitably have to spend on repairs for different home appliances.

Sometimes the repair costs are low and involve minor preventative updates, while major repairs can get quite expensive. If you’re lucky, the appliances will clearly show signs of something going wrong before breaking down completely.

However, since no one ever knows when the water heater will break down or when an AC will decide to go on the fritz on a hot day, you must be prepared for the inevitable. Here is a list of the most expensive home repairs homeowners face.

Freezers and Refrigerators

The most common household appliance that is prone to breaking down is freezers and refrigerators. Most freezers and refrigerators tend to break down in July when the summer heat peaks.

This is not unusual considering these appliances have to work overtime to keep food and drinks cold during the summer months.

According to experts, you should save between $500 and $1,000 during the summer months just in case your freezer or refrigerator breaks down. Provided you service your fridge once or twice every year, you should be able to know which parts are close to breaking down based on the handyman’s professional evaluation.


The most commonly used part of the kitchen, a cooktop, can be expected to last between 10 to 15 years, depending on the brand and materials used in production. However, cooktops usually come with annual maintenance and repair costs during their relatively long lifespan. On average, you’ll be looking at $242 per year for repairing and maintaining cooktops.

Maintaining cooktops is easier when they have fewer stoves in the setup. The most common cooktops in the market are gas, coil electric, smooth-top electric, and induction cooktops. Of all these, induction cooktops required the least effort in maintenance and repairs overall.


After fridges, ovens are the most likely home accessory in the kitchen to break down. There is an oven in 90 percent of American homes, and the numbers are more or less similar in most first-world countries.

They usually last between 10 to 15 years, but the repair costs are usually substantial when they do break down. Sometimes it’s just cheaper to buy a new oven when your old one breaks down

The most commonly observed problems when an oven breaks down are that it won’t turn back on, doesn’t heat food properly, or gives off a bad smell when used. On average, you’re looking at between $226 and $500 for potential repairs to your oven.

Washing machines

Washing machines are probably the second most used household accessory in many households depending on the number of family members.

Usually, washing machines don’t tend to give problems during the first couple of years of use.

Common washing machine breakdown issues include:

  • The water does not drain properly or leaks.
  • Problems related to the drum.
  • Bad odor caused by moisture or mold or mildew buildup.
  • The dryer not functioning properly.

According to experts, you should set apart a budget of $220-$400 for washing machine repairs every year. Instead of saving a set amount of money, you can also opt for a preventative and affordable solution.

For example, these days, home warranty companies offer annual subscriptions to care for your home repair needs. You can check through Top 10 home warranty servisors to see whether it’s something that will work for you long-term.


Though they may appear small, microwave repair expenses can often burn a hole through your wallet when they need to be repaired. Common microwave issues include the microwave plate not turning, the device itself refusing to turn on, the microwave door getting stuck, the touchpad not responding, and more.

This is why it’s usually advised to buy the more expensive ones as they tend to last longer.

With the repair prices averaging $200 for basic repairs, you can be looking at as much as $500 for repairs and parts swap based on the microwave brand you’re using.

As a result, technicians often suggest procuring a high-quality, well-reviewed microwave as a viable alternative to costly repairs or unexpected replacements.

thinking ahead

With the current economic downturn and the possibility of a recession looming over everyone’s heads, it’s best to figure out the best ways to cut down on costs.

While it’s impossible to avoid many home appliance repair costs, you can minimize them or prolong the need to repair by acting smartly. Make sure to do proper research when buying your next home appliance.