Standard Air, Plumbing & Insulation

Standard Air, Plumbing & Insulation

Winter is fast approaching, and according to Tyler Kime, President of Standard Heating and Air, now is the time to make sure your home’s heating system is running efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

Standard Heating and Air specializes in heating, cooling, plumbing and generator services, repairs and replacements for residential buildings.

“[Customers should] schedule maintenance on the heater well in advance of the cold and be sure it is ready for winter, ”said Kime.

Kime said customers often wait too long to turn off their heating and when they need heat the device won’t work.

“We can check the heat anytime,” he said. “It’s best to do this before a cold snap occurs.”

As many homeowners know, the first time the heating is switched on, months or months later, the system can emit an odor. This is common, said Kime, since small dusts in particular heat up when heated. But, said Kime, that smell should only be temporary – and if not, you’ll have to call a professional like Standard Heating and Air.

“We are problem solvers who stand behind our work,” said Kime. “We offer our customers comfort and make houses more comfortable, more reliable and more energy-efficient. We keep the essentials going that we often take for granted. “

Kime has been in the HVAC industry since 2005, and before him his father had been in the business since 1969.

“It’s a great industry with great people,” said Kime. “I think it’s great that we can serve others.”

Service is an important part of Standard Heating and Air’s business. The company donates to many organizations, most notably the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama. Standard Heating and Air has donated more than $ 10,000 in the past few years to help this great local organization, said Kime.

And the service takes place among the team members outside of the clock.

“We recently had a technician helping a stranded driver on the 280,” said Kime. “He jumped out and pushed the car over one of the busiest intersections in our city: 280 and 119. It was featured on the Facebook group by Rick Karle and shows the character of our team members.”

Everything goes back to Standard Heating and Air’s mission statement: to offer its customers the best service experience. The key to good service?

“We listen to both the customer and our team members,” said Kime. “This is often how the problem arises.”

For customers who value their time and want a reliable, trustworthy company to take care of their needs, now is the time to give Standard Heating and Air a call.

“Winter will be here before you know it,” he said. “Be prepared and don’t react to your heating system. Call a professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy company that will take care of you. “