SFD, 3G Plumbing rescue kitten stuck in sewer pipe

SFD, 3G Plumbing rescue kitten stuck in sewer pipe
SFD, 3G Plumbing rescue kitten stuck in sewer pipe

Photo Contributed: Christopher Archuleta with 3G Plumbing is holding a kitten he rescued from a sewer pipe in an apartment building. Archuleta adopted the kitten and took it home.

By Jon Johnson


SAFFORD – We’ve all heard of firefighters rescuing cats from trees. But a Friday night cat rescue was a little different.

The Safford Fire Department and 3G Plumbing and Services have teamed up to save the life of a kitten stuck in a sewer pipe in an apartment building.

The fire department was dispatched to an apartment building on the 1100 block of 7th Avenue around 7 p.m. after residents believed they had a cat in the wall.

Residents spent 11 hours trying to find the plaintive kitten and enlisted the help of Desert Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. After the cat could still not be found, the fire department was called.

Post photo: Rescuers pose with the kitten after more than four hours of rescue.

“We found it couldn’t have been in the wall,” said Safford firefighter John Archuleta. “So we got on the roof and could hear it in the ventilation pipe.”

John Archuleta said they then called 3G Plumbing – which his son Christopher Archuleta works for – to see if they could help with the situation.

According to John Archuleta, the kitten had fallen into a cleaning tube that was unlocked. Cleaners are areas where plumbers and others can easily get into sewer and septic tank pipes to normally clean them of debris.

SFD, 3G Plumbing rescue kitten stuck in sewer pipePost Photo: Rescuers dig all evening to reach the sewer pipe to save the kitten.

“It’s been in a while,” said John Archuleta.

The plumbers with 3G plumbing inserted a camera into the drain pipe and saw the lost kitten.

Local residents, plumbers, firefighters, and more began digging the area around the sewer pipe. The plan was to cut the pipe and lure the kitten out, but the plumbers noticed on their camera that the kitten had moved.

So the toilet in the apartment was removed and the plumbers pushed the kitten forward with their camera. After more than four hours, the camera thrust and the view of light were enough and the rescuers managed to free the kitten, which was then adopted by Christopher Archuleta of 3G Plumbing.

“I really want to thank 3G Plumbing,” said John Archuleta. “They didn’t have to do what they did. We do what we do, but we don’t have the resources to do it. They came and gave their time and equipment to help. ”

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