Roofing Screws Have Spilled Near Longview, TX

Roofing Screws Have Spilled Near Longview, TX

Someone working between Longview and Hallsville is not going to have all of their supplies when they show up for their next job, meanwhile a lot of drivers could suffer major damage to their tires and vehicles.

A heads up this afternoon, as one driver has posted on Facebook that there are roofing screws on one East Texas road. If you are traveling between Hallsville and Longview, this could be detrimental to you and your passengers. These particular roofing screws are located at the exit to Loop 281 from Hwy 80 E from Hallsville.

A big neighborly shout out to Clint Brem who posted these pics to warn folks. According to the comments section it looks as if the proper authority has been contacted for clean up. But this does serve as a good reminder that you should never pull over on a busy highway or road to attempt to clean up something like this. It’s not worth risking serious injury or potentially losing your life.