Roofing of five apartments hangs precariously

Roofing of five apartments hangs precariously

The roofing of five apartment flats was dislodged during a heavy rainstorm and threatens to fall from a tall building in Ferndale.

Workers at an Engen petrol station next door said the roof, as well as their own bins and advertising boards, were blown around on February 27.

“There were crazy winds, and hail and lightning. It was basically a follow up because the tree on the corner fell down the day before,” said Tshepo Ngwenya, manager at the petrol station.

“There are 10 apartments at the top of that building and half the roof has blown off. I am worried that when there is wind again it will fall onto people. I know the people who live there. The roof overhangs the door of the one person at the bottom.”

Workers next door are concerned for their safety as well as those of the people living in the building. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

He suggested a wind could even blow the roof into a neighboring property.

For this reason, he has been trying to contact the owners of the building, to no avail.

The Randburg Sun has also been phoning the corporate body, but no calls were answered at the time of going to print.

Ward 104 councilor Emi Koekemoer said she would follow up on the matter.

The flats are on the corner of Oxford Street and Long Avenue.

This is a developing story.

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