Riverside Tree Service Uses Tree Removal to Boost Curb Appeal on a Business Property


Riverside, Calif. – On Wednesday, Riverside Tree Service helped a commercial property owner get rid of an unsightly tree. The tree hadn’t been trimmed for over 50 years – its crown was so damaged that saving the tree was impossible. Just as Marvin Lee – the commercial property owner – had expected, the tree removal procedure gave his property a significant value boost.

“This property is a new purchase,” said Marvin Lee. “The previous owner was not so much into curb appeal maintenance – this is probably the reason why the tree that stood right next to his gate had slowly lost its shape and aesthetic appeal without any intervention.”

“For the past 2 weeks,” said Marvin Lee, “the new property manager has been planning how to improve the property’s appearance. On Tuesday, the manager decided to hire a tree removal company in Riverside to bring the tree down.”

Marvin Lee noted the only problem his manager had is that he did not know a good tree care company in Riverside. This was understandable since the manager had just moved to Riverside.

“The manager has good people skills,” said Marvin Lee. “When he left his office, he came back with a suggestion of a company that could remove the tree safely. After doing a 2-hour survey in the local residential properties, the manager learned that Riverside Tree Service was well-known for its ability to handle all types of professional tree services in Riverside.”

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“When the property manager called the Riverside Tree Service’ booking office,” said Marvin Lee, “the company answered on the first ring. Everyone that concluded for a company with such a good booking office, its services may also be as good.”

“The manager requested a cost estimate,” added Marvin Lee. “Riverside Tree Service did not waste any time – a professional showed up 30 minutes later to assess the tree.”

Riverside Tree Service reportedly offered Marvin’s property manager a cost estimate he could not resist. The company promised to be back in the morning to remove the tree.

“By the time the manager parked his car at around 8 am on Wednesday,” said Marvin Lee, “the tree removal company was already at the gate. The company’s head of field operations requested Marvin to open the full gate to give the heavy tree removal machinery access to the compound. The company had brought a large crane to control the tree’s falling direction, a bucket truck to prune the tree before cutting it down, power cutting tools, and a bunch of safety tools.”

“With everything Riverside Tree Service had brought,” said Marvin’s property manager, “it was clear the tree removal procedure would go on smoothly.”

“The company indicated tree pruning was necessary as it would remove the broken branches from the tree crown to keep them from falling during tree removal,” added the property manager. “The tree pruning went on great. Each branch that was removed from the tree crown was slowly lowered down to avoid property damage.”

After observing Riverside Tree Service working for about 30 minutes, the property manager was convinced the company would complete the procedure safely. The manager reportedly retired to his office and was called 2 hours later to inspect the results of the tree removal procedure.

“The company had done an impressive job,” said Marvin’s property manager. “The tree had been bought down without property damage. The company had also ground the stump to improve safety. All the waste from the procedure was safely packed in their truck. Everyone on the commercial property picked the company’s number and promised to call when they need help with their trees.”

Riverside Tree Service’s base of operations is located at 2025 Chicago Ave #1255, Riverside, CA 92507, United States. The company, however, can be reached via +1 909-536-2412 and [email protected]

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