ReTree Hawaiʻi Hosting Statewide Tree Planting Campaign in November


ReTree Hawaiʻi is holding a nationwide tree-planting campaign in November, in which 56 organizations and 21 locations have already registered. To register or volunteer a site for planting, go to Courtesy photo: ReTree Hawaii.

ReTree Hawaiʻi (Lā Ho’oulu Paemoku) leads a tree-planting drive in November to reduce the effects of climate change and beautify the islands.

Individuals, organizations, and counties will plant trees and other plants across the state.

This year’s campaign follows on from last year’s successful planting drive when people gathered on six of the seven inhabited Hawaiian islands to increase the number of trees and other plants that bind carbon and release oxygen in the state.

Rob Weltman, chief organizer of ReTree Hawaiʻi who led the campaign last year, said, “Planting trees is one of the most effective measures ordinary citizens can take to curb climate change, and it will bring many additional benefits to Maui County . ”

There is an urgent need to address the climate crisis that is causing rising sea levels and extreme weather events that are already affecting Hawaii, Weltman said.


Common Ground Collective President Ananda Stone said, “As an island community, we are particularly vulnerable to, and already experiencing, climate change. Since trees offer so many ecosystem services, such as the protection of water catchment areas, the filtering of pollutants, the improvement of biodiversity and at the same time the binding of carbon, we should definitely plant trees. “


Andy Fox of Friends of Haleakala said, “There has never been a more pressing time to invest in the islands’ resilience and customization.”

So far, 56 supporting organizations and 21 planting sites have registered for the November campaign.

To register or volunteer a site for planting, go to Select “Register Location” if you want to register a new planting location.


Under “I would like to plant on a planting site” you will find an interactive map of all registered locations as well as a list of the locations where you would like to volunteer. If you click on a map pin, the individual locations, their plans and the need for volunteers are described.

Anyone can register a new planting site, participate as an individual planter or volunteer at one of the registered sites on the website. Because of Covid-19, we encourage everyone to also plant trees and gardens wherever they can and then register their planting on under “Register my home plants” to be included in the nationwide census .

If you have any questions, contact Coordinator Rob Weltman at 808-354-0490 or email: [email protected].