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Rain keeps water restoration companies busy

Rain keeps water restoration companies busy

GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan (WJRD) – “In general, you know that most of our customers panic. So the first thing we do is go talk to you about the Sims and tell you everything will be fine. We can take care of it, ”said Ron Veenhuis, owner and president of 1,800 Water Damage.

Soothing words for a homeowner whose basement has flooded due to the heavy rain that has washed over central Michigan in the past few days.

ABC12 checked into Ron Veenhuis earlier this week as he was prepared for the rain.

She has since been busy taking calls about floods.

“We got several calls, albeit not at the speed we got from previous storms because we had rain that was several inches long, but in about an hour, when it is a little more spread out, you will know that we have almost ten centimeters of rain, but spread over two days, ”said Veenhuis.

Veenhuis said there are a number of things homeowners can do before flooding occurs to prevent this from happening.

“Well the best you can do is first check your sump pump, make sure it is OK, make sure the flow and floats are not hanging. And if you have a backup system that’s great. Unless you have a sump pump, say you’re in an urban storm sewer, make sure there’s not much you can do other than lead it out before it happens. So I probably recommend once a year because it’s relatively expensive to bring router service out, keep it running, queue up the line and make sure it’s clear then you probably won’t have a problem, ”he said.

He also says make sure your gutters are clean and the downspouts are away from the house.

“Often people have extensions, they are repelled by the mower or whatever, but then they dump all the water right next to the house and go straight into the foundation and put additional strain on the sewer system,” Veenhuis called it.

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