Partnership, friendship drive landscaping, printing businesses

Partnership, friendship drive landscaping, printing businesses

A landscaping business and a printing business might not seem to have anything common, but in small communities like Warren County, things are different. Here, it is not strange that there would be a connection of partnership and friendship between Sharp Edges Landscaping and the Warrenton production facility for Coolie Nation.

The partnership can trace its origins to Sharp Edges Landscaping, which was owned and operated by Warren County native Chris White for many years. Around a year ago, Stephen Crissman and his wife, Jennifer Barnett Crissman, moved to Warrenton. They bought White’s home and business. Warren County resident Jarad Robinson worked for White for three years before White and his wife moved from the area. Today, Robinson manages the landscaping business.

In addition to owning the landscaping business, Stephen Crissman utilizes the former Warrenton Supply building on North Main Street as the production facility for Coolie Nation, a printing business offering products that include T-shirts, coolies, masks, flags, hats and more.

The Crissmans own both businesses. Banners for Sharp Edges Landscaping hang in the window of Coolie Nation, and it is not unusual to see both Stephen Crissman and Jarad Robinson at the printing production facility if their busy schedules permit.

Sharp Edges Landscaping

Sharp Edges Landscaping provides commercial and residential services in Warren, Nash, Edgecombe, Halifax, Franklin and Vance counties, and is working to expand to Wake and Durham counties. Chris White remains a consultant.

Categories of services that the business provides are lawncare, tractor work, bush hog, post hole and fence, bush and tree planting, tree removal, grading, snow removal, flower bed design and storm cleanup, among others.

Lawncare services include mowing, seeding, landscape installation, from the plants themselves to other projects such as a rock wall around a flowerbed. The business also offers hardscaping, such as extending a gravel driveway, installing a retention fence and erosion control.

Tractor work includes everything from extending a barbed wire fence to pulling up stumps.

Storm cleanup includes removal of limbs and other debris after hurricanes and ice storms.

Crissman and Robinson can also help with landscape design for both residential and commercial properties. They can discuss options if the client doesn’t know what to do, or doesn’t know what plants would be best in a particular area.

“Everyone’s yard and soil type is different, whether (the area) faces east or west,” Crissman said.

Robinson added that versatility is important when planning a landscape, and Crissman agreed.

“We adapt to the situation at hand,” Crissman said.

For more information about Sharp Edges Landscaping, call 252-204-3241 or email

Coolie Nation

Stephen Crissman began Coolie Nation in 2004 in Chapel Hill while he was in law school. After graduating from law school in 2007, his work took him to other countries, such as Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. Both Stephen and his wife, Jennifer, are bilingual.

The printing business continued to grow over the years. At first, Coolie Nation subcontracted the manufacturing work. However, when the Crissmans came to North Carolina in early 2019, Stephen established a print shop in Raleigh. As the business continued to grow, it needed more space for production and a facility that could meet the increasing demand for electricity.

The friendliness of local residents and the welcoming nature of the community attracted the Crissmans to Warrenton.

“We thought it was a good place to raise kids,” Stephen said.

Last year, the goal for Coolie Nation was to move to the former Warrenton Supply building, identify and establish new staff, he added.

This year, Coolie Nation has expanded its printing methods to increase efficiency and product quality. Five representatives of the business traveled to the Printing United Trade Show in Las Vegas, where they learned about advances in printing technology.

At the trade show, Coolie Nation picked out a new printer and technology which the business views as a huge step forward. Before, designs had to be printed on paper and transferred onto a surface. The new direct to garment printer means just that — designs can be printed directly onto a surface without the extra step.

Coolie Nation continues to offer T-shirts, coolies, masks, flags, hats and similar products. However, it is expanding its range of products, along with the colors and details that it is able to incorporate, thanks to its upgraded equipment. New products range from glasses to mousepads. Stephen and his team continue to test other products.

Coolie Nation offers products to meet many needs for a range of clients. However, its strongest industries involve products for life events such as weddings, birthdays and engagements, and business promotional items.

The Crissmans love being in Warren County, both as residents and as part of the local business community.

“We are honored to be part of the community,” Stephen said. “We are pleased to be here.”

For more information about Coolie Nation and examples of its products, visit or Local residents can also contact the business by texting 252-433-7251.