Mercury Lounge asking for donations after stage flood

Mercury Lounge asking for donations after stage flood

TULSA, Okla. — One of Tulsa’s favorite local bars, the Mercury Lounge is asking the community it serves for help. Last week, its staff came in to find a flooded bar, soaking wet stage and thousands of dollars in damaged equipment.

For almost two decades Mercury Lounge has hosted thousands of musicians and bands. It’s acted as a safe space for its patrons and served up drinks. But now, Mercury Lounge needs help according to “Big Fish” the bar’s gatekeeper.

“We’re Mercury Lounge, we won’t be beat,” said Big Fish.

And for nearly two decades the lounge has served its customers, that are now like family.

“People come in here and they depend on us for so many different reasons. It’s a meeting place, it’s a gathering place, it’s a family at Mercury Lounge and we’ve always been that way, everyone is welcome,” said Big Fish.

But after Mother Nature wreaked havoc on its 100-year-old building, Big fish said the ceiling is gone. During the storm he said it rained inside the bar, destroying everything the water touched.

Keeping the bar open and repairing the damage takes money, so Mercury Lounge staff created a gofundme. The goal is raise 10 thousand dollars and in less than a week, they’ve already take in over six thousand dollars.

“The gofundme was set up to augment the funds that were needed to repair the stage and to make sure that we had ample room to make it sufficient, not only sufficient but you know, give the quality to the community that they expect from Mercury Lounge,” said Big Fish.

And asking its community for help was not easy.

“Mercury has always been the cornerstone of strength. Not only in the music venues but in the bar community, and we don’t like to ask okay. Our ability to help people is a greater calling for us, but we do need help,” said Big Fish.

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