Local Business is Giving Away 120% Store Credit to Everyone Who Helps Them Get Plumbing, Heating & Windows | Dianna Carney

Local Business is Giving Away 120% Store Credit to Everyone Who Helps Them Get Plumbing, Heating & Windows | Dianna Carney

(EAST BRIDGEWATER, MA) What if the next time you made a donation, you received that donation back in the form of store credit… plus an extra 20%! If that sounds too good to be true, then listen up, because the independently owned and operated farm store Holmestead Harvest has revealed, “if you contribute to our crowd-funding campaign, you get 120% of your donation BACK to use as store credit!


What is Holmestead Harvest?

Holmestead Harvest is a farm-to-table grocery store that bridges the gap between locally grown food and the community. Lizz Wilson, the owner of Holmestead Harvest, explains that she first “opened the farm store with just a small table and beverage cooler in the center of the horse barn, full of local produce and meats.” Lizz continues, describing how she’d “work there daily with my baby strapped to my chest, just sliding in local farms’ DMs asking how to wholesale.”


Two years later, and Holmestead Harvest has grown its grocery subscription service “to over 100 families.” Lizz has also “started crafting charcuterie boards and holiday meal kits with local cheeses and accompaniments.”


How the Pandemic Inspired the Farm Store’s Opening

Pony Town Parties was Lizz Wilson’s first business, and it is what first “lit a fire in her entrepreneurial spirit.” Pony Town Parties offers hands-on animal experiences for children of all ages. “From hosting children’s birthday parties,” to “farm visits and bringing goats and horses to Gillette Stadium, Pony Town’s resume has grown over the years and brought joy to many.”


Lizz Wilson explains that Holmestead Harvest was born just as COVID-19 began. In the early months of the pandemic, small businesses in every community were forced to get creative to stay afloat or they faced shutting their doors. Lizz’s entrepreneurial spirit which once inspired her to start her business enabled her to innovate during this time, which is how Lizz Wilson became the owner of a farm-to-table grocery store.

https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=0G6uO5_0jDAl99s00“When the pandemic hit, I was panicking (as many small business owners were). My business, Pony Town Parties, what fully reliable on large gatherings other community eventsbut the world What in quarantineand gatherings were banned. I didn’t know how we were going to keep the ship afloat. One evening, after rocking my son to sleep, I emerged from his bedroom and told my partner, “I’m going to open a grocery store.” The idea seemed crazybut I’d seen the increased support for local businesses that evolved during the pandemic. our community needed something to provide the community with easy access to local foodsin a time when people were scared to go into crowded grocery stores.” – About Holmestead Harvesthttps://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=1GecHX_0jDAl99s00

What is Holmestead Harvest Crowd Funding For?

Holmestead Harvest has revealed that currently, their “subscription boxes, meal-prep program, and prepared foods are quickly gaining traction,” and that they are now, “looking to move to a location with the simple luxuries of plumbing and heating to take our business to the next level.”


Their current location, the barn that was built in 2019, has enabled Holmestead Harvest to expand their food and gift selection, but they’ve hit a point where with no plumbing, no heating, no bathrooms, and no windows, their business has limited options to continue expanding both in the selection and in space.


Holmestead Harvest has recently released footage of their new possible store space if they are able to hit their crowdfunding goal of $25,000. The new open floor plan, which seems to have not one but two bathrooms, will be a big upgrade from their current cozy and small space.


For those who donate towards this crowdfunding campaign, Holmestead Harvest will be giving “120% of your donation BACK to use as store credit” which is sent “in 6 monthly portions” that “never expire.”

How You Can Help Holmestead Harvest From Home

To learn more about Holmestead Harvest’s crowdfunding campaign, and how you can help them reach their goal of a new space, please visit https://numarket.co/fund/holmestead-harvest . You can also visit their website at https://www.holmesteadharvest.com/ , and follow their Facebook & IG page’s at @holmesteadharvest .

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