Larry’s Plumbing opens M’ville showroom | Business

Larry’s Plumbing opens M’ville showroom | Business

Larry’s Plumbing Supply hosted a band average on October 6th for its recently opened showroom in Marysville.

The plumbing business has been around for a while, but not at the Marysville location.

“Larry was in Lynnwood since 1982 ”, says owner Erich Klemp. “My business partner and I bought it in 2012.”

The business stayed in Lynnwood until concerns about a potential significant domain claim led them to purchase the property.

After this was unsuccessful, they decided to take another route.

“We went out on our own and bought this property,” said Klemp.

They are now open in Marysville at 1624 Grove St. Marysville, Suite A.

“I love the new location because we had to design it the way we wanted it,” says Klemp. “That was a vision of ours.”

The supply warehouse provides fittings and plumbing, including the harder-to-find parts, Klemp said.

Unlike most plumbing store showrooms, the plumbing is functional in its facility.

“It’s different from any other showroom out there because you can actually do things. You can flush a toilet, you can shower, ”said Klemp.

They could also expand to have equipment available in their store.

“We always had the parts, but never the fixtures, and we have the opportunity,” said Klemp.

The group also operates a related plumbing business.

“Our company is connected to a sanitary company. So if you come here and buy a toilet or faucet and want someone to put it in, we definitely have that ability, ”said Klemp.

This gives them a lot more direct knowledge of how to help clients with plumbing needs.

“I don’t mind the pit stores, but you don’t have a plumber there. You’re dealing with someone who knows a little bit, ”said Klemp.

He said his showroom manager has more than 20 years of plumbing experience and his business partner is also a veteran plumber.

“We’ve been doing this for a long, long time,” he said.

Klemp has also been in the business for a while and says he enjoys working with customers.

“For me personally, I like the satisfaction of helping someone else,” he said.

So far, Klemp has enjoyed being part of the Marysville community.

“The support is incredible,” he said.