Lane Cove Tree Removal is a Focus Area for Sydney Tree

Lane Cove Tree Removal is a Focus Area for Sydney Tree
Lane Cove Tree Removal is a Focus Area for Sydney Tree

Sydney, Nov. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Sydney Tree Company, a tree removal company based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, is pleased to announce that it is providing services to residents of Lane Cove, a suburb on the Lower North Coast from Sydney. This suburb is just nine kilometers northwest of the Sydney CBD. As such, the company provides a variety of tree services including tree felling, pruning, tree surgery, tree health, tree stumping, and tree removal for commercial, residential, and government agencies in Lane Cove.

This tree service company is rated highly with an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google after almost 100 customer reviews. Lisa M. gave them five stars, for example, and said: “The best work – highly professional, fast, everything tidy and taken with you. We had a tree that was strangled in ivy and died. You safely got rid of the ivy while saving our beloved tree. They were there the same day we called. Couldn’t be happier and can only recommend it. “

“One of the key areas in Sydney we decided to go to is Lane Cove, as the trees in this suburb are notoriously dangerous for businesses and homeowners,” said Abdul, a spokesman for the Sydney Tree Company. “Plus, Lane Cove is a place that has a strong relationship with its trees, either we’re talking about social wellbeing, attracting people and visitors to the area, and increasing property value. For this reason the Sydney Tree Company strives to offer a family-like service at ‘Mate’s Rates’. “

The Sydney Tree Company arborists can help save trees through tree surgery or by performing selective pruning instead of tree removal whenever possible. This is because they choose to be a responsible green company and therefore always choose to minimize the impact of their tree activities on the environment. They are happy to discuss with the homeowner or property owner the possible alternatives to completely removing trees with the aim of providing customers with a safe and healthy environment.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Tree Company at Lane Cove can offer the tree pruning, which is often necessary for full grown trees to get rid of dead and dying branches, to keep the tree healthy and to minimize the risks to people. This type of pruning is known as “cleaning”. They also remove certain living branches to lower density and greatly reduce wind resistance and possible damage during a storm. Tree pruning is also important to ensure that the branches of the tree are proportional. Selectively removing branches, roots, or buds can help improve tree health and minimize the risk of branches falling. The arborists have the knowledge and experience to determine the pruning required for a particular tree.

Tree clearing is a challenging and time consuming task and can be very dangerous. The Sydney Tree Company’s skilled workers will always try to avoid removing trees whenever possible by helping to keep the trees healthy and strong. However, poor location, disease, and storm damage can all require the removal of a particular tree.

They also offer tree stumps to get rid of old tree stumps. They offer stump grinding, which involves removing the stump and surrounding roots essentially from beneath the surface of the surrounding area to allow for the addition of grass and ground cover and completely removing any signs of the stump that can cause eye pain in the garden .

Founded more than 17 years ago, the Sydney Tree Company is a family business comprised of experienced arborists, arborists and managers. They use the latest in dismantling methods, machinery, rigging equipment and power tools to cut and remove trees efficiently and safely. Nothing is too difficult or too high to be removed safely, and they are qualified to work on high and low voltage cables, at heights greater than 20 meters, and in the rail corridor.

Those interested in learning more about the Sydney Tree Company’s services can visit their website at or contact them by phone or email. They are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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