Kitchen Tips To Make Your Tools And Appliances Last

Kitchen Tips To Make Your Tools And Appliances Last

Your range hood is most likely not something that’s part of your normal kitchen cleaning routine. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need attention from time to time. In fact, as The Washington Post notes, since a range hood is – by design – made to collect grease, dust, and smoke, they can get pretty dirty. The debris trapped inside a range hood has to go somewhere, and it can’t do so and operate seamlessly without regular cleanings.

Thoughts for Happy Minds shares a hack for cleaning a range hood that works better than most commercial cleaning solutions. In fact, using regular cleaning solutions could actually damage your range hood filter. Instead, take a large rectangular tray and fill it with boiling water. Sprinkle a generous helping of both salt and baking soda into the water and mix it up until dissolved. The more dirty and greasy the filter is, the more salt and baking soda you should use. Add the filter to the water and pour distilled white vinegar over the filter, going back and forth several times as you pour. Let the filter soak and simmer in the solution for up to ten minutes. You’ll see the grease rise to the surface of the water. Take it out of the solution, rinse it, and use a scrubby brush with some dish soap for a final once-over. Once it dries, you can install it back onto your range hood and it’ll be good as new!

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2022-09-23 15:56:00