Keep your trees healthy and property safe with Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping –

Keep your trees healthy and property safe with Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping –

In order to have beautiful and safe trees, proper pruning is necessary and important for a tree’s health. Call Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping today at 321-689-5866 to schedule your free residential or commercial evaluation and estimate.

Most Florida home and business owners are familiar with the damage that can come from severe storms. If not, it is important to brush up on the topic, because one can never be too prepared for what a severe storm or hurricane can do to unkept trees. Right now is the time to prepare for the possibilities ahead. Storm preparation might feel extensive but if it saves homes, office buildings and trees from damage, it’s always worth the effort. This can be a busy time of year for tree servicing companies so it’s important to get on the books sooner rather than later.

“It’s important to have your trees inspected and pruned annually. This can be done quickly and will save you money in the long run. In most cases, maintaining trees is far less expensive than removing and replacing them. This proactive measure can help assure that your trees are healthy and reduce any risk of storm damage to your home or property down the road,” stated James Maltby, owner and operator of Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping.

Trees at risk that need professional service can have:

• Branches that are rubbing each other or rubbing wires on your home or business

•Branches that are touching or laying on your rooftop

•Low hanging branches that obstruct the street or sidewalk

•Branches that appear diseased or insect infested

“If you have a tree that has grown too large for your property, is damaging your foundation, or is in danger of breaking or falling on the roof of your home, this can be a major concern. Before these things happen, call us. We have trained professionals to evaluate each situation and to provide you with the best in customer service. We pride ourselves on a fast response time and the best prices guaranteed,” stated Maltby.

Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping is a full-service tree company that offers tree trimming, tree removal, landscaping, and monthly maintenance. Along with these services, they’re the experts to use for new landscape installation and stump grinding. Their staff is always ready to assist you and will make sure your landscaping and tree needs are met to your satisfaction.

They provide free stump grinding with tree removal services and always provide free estimates. Whenever they perform a tree removal service, their employees work quickly and efficiently, while adhering to the highest standards of safety and at very competitive prices. They’re fully licensed and insured, including workers’ compensation on all employees.

Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping is reachable 24 hours-a-day for any after-hours emergency service. For your convenience and peace of mind, a management team member is always on-site for all services and property evaluations. They can easily assess the condition of your trees and property and then suggest the best course of action to take.

Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping will be happy to quote commercial tree trimming or removal jobs. With over 20 years in business, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with a company that prides itself on a job well done.

Call them today at 321-689-5866 to set an appointment and see why Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping are the local experts you can count on.