Is Erie Home Roofing Ripping Off Syracuse Homeowners? Neighbors Sound the Alarm | Jeremy Brower

Is Erie Home Roofing Ripping Off Syracuse Homeowners? Neighbors Sound the Alarm | Jeremy Brower

The high cost of a company’s metal roofing is causing concern for Syracuse residents.Photo byTirachard Kumtanom

Residents in Syracuse, New York, are warning their neighbors about a local roofing company, Erie Home Roofing, and their alleged price gouging tactics.

According to multiple accounts, the company has been going door to door, offering quotes for roof replacements significantly higher than industry standards.

Gerren Bonura, a Syracuse resident, states that a sales representative from Erie Home Roofing came to his door offering quotes for a simple roof replacement on his 4-level split home. The quote for a metal roof was $48,000, and $28,000 for a fiberglass shingled rooftop.

Bonura states, “Absolutely ridiculous. Please be aware of this for your neighbors so that they don’t get taken advantage of by this company.”

Another resident, Meghan Cole, had a similar experience with the company, stating that a representative showed up at her home an hour late for a scheduled appointment and in the dark with no ladders to assess the quality of her roof. She warns, “This is a huge scam. Buyer beware!”

Erie Home Roofing markets itself as a trusted home remodeling contractor with a proven track record in Syracuse, New York.

They claim to offer top-of-the-line products and services, but many locals are skeptical of the company’s high quotes and questionable sales tactics.

Erie Home Roofing has also been criticized for its heavy advertising on social media, with many residents claiming to see their ads on Facebook daily.

The company’s website states they offer a limited lifetime transferable warranty on all their products. Still, residents are concerned that the high costs of their services may not be worth the investment.

If you’re in the market for a specialized roof replacement in Syracuse, New York, it’s essential to research and get multiple quotes from reputable contractors.

Erie Home Roofing may not be the best option, as many locals have expressed concerns about their pricing and sales tactics.

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