Interesting ceiling design ideas to elevate any space

Interesting ceiling design ideas to elevate any space

When it comes to designing and decorating a space, be it a restaurant, office, or a home; the ceiling is the area that is forgotten most of the time, even though it is one of the most important features of any three-dimensional space. Ever noticed how boring your ceiling appears without a little detail of texture or colour? 

Ceilings are no longer an underutilised design area. It can easily be highlighted with a splash of colour, added materials, or pasting some wallpaper. 

There are many exquisite and distinctive fifth wall ideas that include art, motifs, fabrics, and fibres. To set the theme, here we stretched the bounds of ceiling designs by giving some fresh ceiling decor options.

Stretch ceiling for a smooth and reflective layout

Stretch ceilings are the ideal starting point for ceiling design if you’re not quite willing to engage fully. With a stretch ceiling, your entire ceiling is covered in one continuous piece of material; by using PVC, plastic, textiles, etc.

Any colour or finish can be used for a stretch ceiling, although the current style is high-gloss or mirrored. The shine, with its reflected features, brings some prominence to the ceiling and improves lighting. Consider a reflective surface if you’re looking for something more striking. The impression it produces without being too flashy will amaze you.

Turn a concrete ceiling into a statement

The use of different ceiling materials can transform a normal concrete ceiling from uninteresting to stylish. It adds a different dimension to your design.

The wood takes on an exceptional aesthetic when it is used in unique forms for layering or forming designs. Even a metal ceiling would effortlessly give off a rustic vibe, premium spaces benefit, and with an added glitz of burnished metal or coloured tin panels add a detailed texture up there.

Break the trend of ‘painting it white’

Our basic tendency is to paint a ceiling white. While it’s true that a white-painted ceiling will be out of focus, what if we decide to bring a little extra flair to the space? Paint is a quick and affordable way to add fun and flair vibrancies.

The ceiling can be vibrant with striking colours while keeping the walls neutral. With colourful ceilings the area has a little bit more punch, giving it a warmer vibe, and visually enhancing the space’s ambience.

Try different wallpaper or pattern

Although nobody expects the outdated floral prints and wallpaper accents to return just yet, there are new patterns available now that are suitable for all spatial settings. 

Wallpaper designs can be geometric, plain, or angular. They can also be monochrome floral prints or tone-on-tone designs that have a subtle, aesthetic touch. Don’t be afraid when selecting something to cover the ceiling, because wallpaper for ceilings ranges from elegant traditional patterns to exciting and vibrant colours.
Add some touch of graphic

It’s also simpler than ever to hide a lumpy ceiling and get rid of monotonous white. Stretch ceilings can be decorated with drawings and illustrations, and stunning wallpapers with expansive patterns can cover the entire room.

A ceiling can either become the focal point of the space or carry the design forward with a cinematic feeling, based on the photograph or artwork. 

If you want to create a modern atmosphere, think about whether conceptual art prints with lines or textures will fit, or whether a traditional map poster with a stained wood accent would be more appropriate. 

Incorporate earthy but modern element

A sleek, minimalist area can be easily made nicer by the addition of fresh, rustic accents. In a room with good lighting, bricks work perfectly for arches and curvy roofs.

For a consistent layout, pick brick colours that go well with the furniture, and think about adding wood everywhere to give the brick design even more character.

For a different ceiling layout, herringbone designs play nicely with stone, brick or seasoned wood, and elements like brick or stone shape. The level of exposed cement concrete also serves a role in producing an attractive layer.

A layered look won’t go unnoticed

Apply a fully multi-layered style to the design to move past three-dimensional items. Add a sequence of curved wood planks first, then add trusses, and then add a final layer of artistic lights in eye-catching colours that go well with the tone of the ceiling.

To enable the flow of light and shadow across every piece, design steps out of large wooden boards at regular intervals. Stencilling, decorative elements, and even ceiling dividers for enhanced acoustics can contribute to the patterned look.