Infrared Roofing assessment launched in Fort Worth by Compass Roofing

Infrared Roofing assessment launched in Fort Worth by Compass Roofing

Compass Roofing is now offering free infrared assessments, a service not offered by most roofing contractors.

Fort Worth, Texas— Compass Roofing, the highly rated Fort Worth Roofing Contractor has included Infrared Roofing assessment services for customers in Fort Worth and Dallas. The five-star rated company with an impressive 5A1 D&B rating, has been offering an extensive range of roofing solutions to customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Helmed by a management team with more than twenty years of experience, the addition of the infrared assessment is intended to offer a faster inspection of roofs, to help determine the strength and the need for repairs/maintenance.

A spokesperson for Compass Roofing explained more about the service, “water seeps into roofs and the moisture impacts the structural strength and the insulation of the building. It may sometimes not be visible to the naked eye, but home owners may suddenly experience the fallouts of poor insulation. With infrared assessment it is possible to understand the extent of leak, narrow down the search for the source of leak and prevent the saturation of the insulation system”. The infrared service is reportedly an economical and effective method for the early detection of needed roof repairs.

Compass Roofing offers feet Worth Roofing solutions for both residential and commercial premises. Serviced areas extend through Fort Worth and Dallas. The business has a reputation for consistently relying on high quality materials. The roofing specialists in the company are known for very high levels of professionalism in delivering solutions for virtually every single roofing requirement.

As a leading feet Worth Commercial Roofing and residential roofing service provider, the company handles all materials for roofing, including TPO, EPDM, PVC and Modified Bitumen. Services cover Built up roofing, Metal Roof/Metal Edge in addition to specialized Roof Coatings and Spray Foam. Personnel in the company undergo extensive training in handling all equipment, with periodic and frequent updates about the latest materials in the market.

Residential roofing services include Asphalt/Composition Shingles, Stone Coated Steel Shingles, Synthetic Shingles, Cedar Shakes & Shingles, Slate and Tile. Their spokesperson added, “our assessments offer homeowners in-depth information about the status of the roof, the ideal roofing material, and the design and solution that would meet their requirements”. The company continues to retain its customers, and hold on to its reputation due to the stringent quality control and processes throughout the roofing installation lifecycle.

Compass Roofing is one among the early adopters of technology deploying thermal drones for an analysis of roof health. The free assessment includes a comprehensive digital analysis by experts from the company. This will help unearth defects and weak areas that may not be easily discernible to the naked eye. Trained to identify the tell-tale signs of damage and structural degeneration, the analysis is extended free of cost to customers in the serviced areas.

The spokesperson had this to say, “the assessment is not cheap, and offers an in-depth and detailed look at the roof. Most customers avoid paying for the analysis; we decided to offer this free for two simple reasons. The first reason is this – we would be in a better position to carry out proper repairs or maintenance or replacement. Secondly, when customers are well informed with detailed analysis, they understand the gravity of the situation, the possible impact in the future, and find it easier to decide on what’s best. This works better for all involved”.

A majority of residents in homes with impressive curb appeal, and intricate architectural designs are often concerned about roofing solutions that may not be compatible and impact the appeal. Compass Roofing has a whole section dedicated to retrofit solutions, and this has helped the company capture this segment of residents with solutions that are functional and aesthetic, blending perfectly with the designs.

The OSHA certified company and workforce is a testimony of the emphasis on quality and workmanship. The company has scaled up the channels for interacting with customers and those looking for roofing solutions, with round the clock service. Managed efficiently with processes and protocols in place, the company has grown and improved over the years, adding the dimension of technology to the services.

Residents wanting to get in touch with Compass Roofing can use the contact us page on the company website – Additionally, residents can speak to a specialist or request a call back over the phone 24/7. The company began offering all round service due to the requests for emergency repairs and this has slowly turned into a full-fledged 24-hour service, manned by competent personnel.

Those looking for more information can visit Compass Roofing at 6040 Camp Bowie Blvd STE 58, Fort Worth, TX 76116 or call (817) 349-3129.

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