I’m an appliance repair pro

I’m an appliance repair pro
I’m an appliance repair pro

IF your fridge at home has stopped cooling down on the inside, you might think it’s time to call a technician over for a repair.

Before you agree to spend thousands of dollars getting your fridge fixed or replaced, you’ll want to try this simple hack that will cost you no more than $10.


A man named Derrick reveals the easy and cheap way to get your fridge cooled down againCredit: TikTok/derrickwith2rs_official

A TikToker by the name of Derrick, aka @derrickwith2rs_official, posted a super helpful video to his followers about how to fix most fridges for cheap.

The caption on his video says: “Don’t [let] the few shady techs take advantage of what you don’t know. We’re all in this together.”

In the clip, he starts things off by unscrewing the bottom back bottom panel off the fridge using an electronic screwdriver.

He explains that a basic screwdriver would work just fine in a case like this.

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He shows his followers which part is the fridge’s compressor with the overload capacitor beside it.

According to Derrick, all you have to do is wiggle the overload capacitor out and test it by shaking it near your ear.

He says: “Usually when they’re bad, you’ll hear them rattle.”

Next, you’ll need to look up the model and serial number on the overload capacitor.

You can order a replacement piece on Amazon, eBay, or another similar website.

He says: “You can get two for like $10, or something like that. Super cheap.”

Lastly, Derrick plugs the overload capacitor back into its place to get the fridge going again.

Someone in Derrick’s comment section posted: “You are an angel. Thank you.”

Someone else wrote: “Thank you for looking out for others in a good neighborly way.”

Derrick reveals what the overload capacitor looks and sounds like if it might need to be replaced


Derrick reveals what the overload capacitor looks and sounds like if it might need to be replacedCredit: TikTok/derrickwith2rs_official

A third person added: “Wish I would’ve seen this year ago. Definitely would’ve been worth a try before I ended up buying a brand new refrigerator! Thanks for the information.”

According to Derrick, shady repair technicians will claim your fridge’s compressor has “gone bad” – even though they typically last for 40 years.

According to the official Bob Vila website, replacing refrigerator compressors costs between $250 and $650, including labor.

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Even worse? Purchasing an entirely new fridge can cost up to $2,000, according to Home Advisor.

Unfortunately, there are shady repair technicians who prey on unknowing customers who lack insider knowledge like this.

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