How to Save on Tree Removal Cost Melbourne & Who Removes Trees Free? – Film Daily

How to Save on Tree Removal Cost Melbourne & Who Removes Trees Free? – Film Daily
How to Save on Tree Removal Cost Melbourne & Who Removes Trees Free? – Film Daily

Tree removal Melbourne is a tricky process. The tree needs to be cut into pieces and then removed from the site. This can be very costly and time consuming for logging companies in Melbourne VIC. However, there are a few ways you can save the cost of cutting trees so that you don’t have to pay as much money!

Who removes trees for free?

– Most logging companies do not remove trees for free. It is a misconception that a Melbourne tree removal service will remove your tree for firewood. It’s just not worth it.

– They are charged per tree, so each tree in your garden needs to be paid for in advance.

– If you have a tree emergency and need help quickly, an arborist or arborist can sometimes do an emergency service, but it costs about double.

How do you save money on tree felling costs?

Ben out shared some of their top tips on how to save money on tree removal in Melbourne.

Tip 1: remove a tree in winter.

Tree services are very seasonal, with most Melbourne tree removal companies busy in the warmer months and quite slow in winter.

With less workaround and sea supply from companies ready to get the job done, you’re on the right side of the supply and demand equation. You can save 20% or more by renting only in winter.

Tip 2: Allow good access to trees in backyards.

Tree removal companies in Melbourne are billed by the tree, not the job. If you give them good access to trees, it can be cheaper for logging services to do the job. So, unless there are major obstacles like fences, consider removing a panel to give them free access to their equipment.

Tip 3: sell firewood on eBay.

A tree can be cut into many different sizes and split for firewood. If you have a tree that is all wood, this can actually save you some money. You can sell the tree as firewood on eBay or Gumtree for some cash back.

Even if you just set it up for free, someone will come over and remove it for free instead of paying for a tree removal service. You still need a tree service in Melbourne to cut the tree and remove the branches, but the trunk can stay and be taken away for free.

Tip 4: Dispose of green waste yourself in the green bin

Again, the Melbourne tree service charges fees for disposing of cut branches or logs, so you can save some money by disposing of them yourself via green / recycling bins.

Tip: Consider hiring a tree removal service with equipment to remove the log after it has removed branches.

If your tree is a tree with a large trunk, it may be cheaper to hire a tree service with a shovel cart and other equipment. Hiring logging companies in Melbourne is tree by tree, not a job. So if the work takes more time, they charge for all of their work, but less than that of another company who only cut branches from lower trees. You can save

Tip 5: does the insurance company pay for the tree felling?

In most cases, this doesn’t apply to tree removal unless the tree was blown over and fell into your home or damaged something. There are tree removal companies in Melbourne that specialize in tree removal insurance claims, but they do not cover the cost of tree removal.

Tree Distance Melbourne – What Can You Expect from Professional Service?

Tree removal services in Melbourne have the right equipment to remove branches from your property. You can cut branches with a chainsaw without damaging surrounding trees or structures, so you don’t have to worry about safety when working on large trees. The commercial tree service also disposes of tree residues and leaves your garden tidy and tidy afterwards!

Tips for hiring a tree felling company.


– Melbourne tree removal companies must have public liability insurance. Make sure that you provide the relevant documents with the offer. This is to protect both the workers and you as a customer in the event of an accident or injury on your property during the tree-cutting service.


– Tree removal companies in Melbourne should be skilled and experienced arborists. You should have the relevant documents, i.e. at least Certificate III in arboriculture and how to present their insurance on request.


– Get a list of past customers who can vouch for the quality of work your tree care company provides. If they don’t give you references, why not ask? It could mean their standards.

Non-binding offers

– Tree care with a non-binding offer for tree work including stump milling and mulch installation.


– Tree care services in Melbourne should have the right tools for tree removal. You need to be able to provide high quality equipment such as aerial work platforms and chainsaws,

What should you do before hiring a contractor?

When hiring tree removal companies in Melbourne, it is important to understand the difference between good and bad tree service. That means you should always double-check that they have qualified arborists, as mentioned above, but also make sure they have been in business for at least 5 years and have a mix of good reviews online.

ABN search

This is a free tool that you can use to check when the company was registered, whether it has had a name change in the past (tip: look for that old name and look for bad reviews).

It also tells you if they are actually registered for GST and how long they have been in business.

Online reviews

If you look at online reviews, you have to check at least 2 x platforms, for example GOogle reviews and Truelocal.

Note that many reviews on Facebook are from friends of the contractor and should be treated with caution.

What to do after work

If you have gardens you should ask if the company can leave the mulch behind so you can spread it around your gardens later. Leaf mulch costs $ 15 to $ 30 per cubic meter from a local landscaping supplier, but you can get it for free from tree care services.