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How plumber discover 135 year-old message inside bottle under di floor of one house – BBC News Pidgin

How plumber discover 135 year-old message inside bottle under di floor of one house – BBC News Pidgin

Wia dis foto come from, Peter Allan

Wetin we call dis foto,

Peter Allan bin cut around di bottle and no know say e dey there

One plumber no fit believe im eyes wen e see one bottle wey contain message wey don reach 135 years old for di floor of one house for Edinburgh.

50 year old Peter Allan, discover di Victorian time capsule wen e open di floor for di exact spot wia dem leave di whisky bottle.

E rush downstairs to tell di owner of di house for di Morningside area wetin im eyes see.

Eilidh Stimpson wey get di house, break di bottle to read di note. She say her two children dey happy wit wetin dem see.

Oga Allan tell BBC Scotland say im no fit believe im luck as e cut into di floor directly on top wia di bottle dey.

“Di room na 10ft by 15ft and I cut exactly around wia di bottle dey and no sabi say e dey there. I no fit believe am,” e tok.

“I bin dey move radiator and cut random hole to find pipework and na there I see am, I no understand wetin happun.

“I carry am give di woman downstairs and say ‘Look, see wetin I find for under your floor’.”

Oga Allan, say dem see di bottle for wetin fit be di maid room wen dem first build di house.

Now mother-of-two Eilidh Stimpson, one Edinburgh GP, dey live there now wit her husband.

She wait until her children wey dey between di ages of eight and 10 reach house from school before she comot di note from di bottle.

She tell BBC Scotland say: “All of us gada togda and dey point our torchlight to try read di note, e dey so exciting.”

Na two male workers sign and put dates for di note and wetin dey di note na: “James Ritchie and John Grieve lay dis floor, but dem no drink di whisky. October 6th 1887.”

“Who ever find dis bottle fit think say our dust dey along di road.” 

Preserve di note

Wia dis foto come from, Eilidh Stimpson

Wetin we call dis foto,

Two male workers wey lay di floor sign and date di note

Eilidh Stimpson say: “I feel I bad say I break a 135-year-old bottle but na di only way to reach di note. I don keep all di pieces for inside one Tupperware tub.”

Since dem find di note on Monday, one family friend check di 1881 census and discover say di men bin live for just a few miles away for di Newington area of Edinburgh.

One curator for di National Library of Scotland don advice di family say make dem preserve di note for acid-free pocket.

Eilidh say: “I don order for some pockets and I dey reason say ultimately we go frame di note wit a piece of di bottle like di neck because na exciting and lovely thing to get.”

She say di family go put a bottle, wit a new note plus transcription of di note, back into di hole before dem cover am.

“To think say e just dey there all dis time and fit dey there forever just dey amazing. Dis one no be from di 70s or something like that, e dey so much older.” 

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