Horton Commission approves Civic Center roofing bid | News

Horton Commission approves Civic Center roofing bid | News

The Horton City Commission held a Special Meeting at the end of May, approving a bid from Lanter SPS Roofing Systems LLC to put a new roof on the remainder of the town’s Civic Center, as well as two shelter houses and to patch the salt shed.

There was some discussion about preference to contractors within a three mile radius of Horton, as the city has no bid policy or state statute that requires going out for bids, but in the end, the commission voted to approve the $79,450.00 bid from Lanter SPS. The city received $67,297.33 from an insurance claim on the building, leaving a balance of $12,153.00. Commissioner Tina Nigh stated that she reached an agreement with the Brown County Fair Board to pay half of the remainder.

A week earlier the commission met for their second regular meeting of the month. The group was approached by Glenn Chancellor about purchasing two lots of city property to put a shed on. City Administrator John Calhoon suggested Chancellor check in prior to the next regular meeting to see if a decision had been reached. Calhoon also informed the commission that the inspection has been completed on the bucket truck, which passed. The group decided to use the $34,872.05 from the insurance claim on the truck as well as $37,855.00 from City funds to purchase the truck.

The Commission approved a request form Kyle and Michele Rodvelt to add onto Roger and Jeanne Knudson’s dock. Calhoon discussed purchasing a $4,550.00 mower from Full Throttle Repair to mow cemeteries. The city administrator also discussed updates at the Fire Department, and informed the group that construction on the ballfield will begin on June 20, and that the pool was behind by a week on being filled due to locating and applying epoxy to seal a leaking tank.

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