Homeowners praise AO appliance collection service that can save you money

Homeowners praise AO appliance collection service that can save you money
Homeowners praise AO appliance collection service that can save you money

Homeowners have praised an online retailer’s removal service after trying to get rid of fridges and freezers proved costly elsewhere. Shoppers have left rave reviews for the collect and recycle service from AO , saying it saved them money.

On the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group on Facebook, one customer shared their experience after their American fridge freezer broke. The shopper had explained that it was too big for the council to take, and a ‘man with a van’ would have been at least £50.

After a Google search she discovered the AO collect and recycle service , and was left ‘very impressed’ by their prices and customer service. She said: “I gave them a call and the guy on the phone was fantastic and really friendly. It really was so simple, I just paid £20 and my American fridge freezer is being collected tomorrow 7am-7pm and disposed of properly. There is a large list of items for this service cover. Personally I am very impressed.”

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What’s more is that homeowners looking to offload their appliances like fridges and freezers, as well as cookers, washers, dryers and TVs don’t need to have made a purchase with AO. They can simply add the removal charge to their basket, organize a collection slot, and check out for £20.

Stock image: AO will collect your appliance from inside the house

AO said: “Save yourself a trip to the tip with our handy Collect and Recycle Service. Whether it’s an old cooker, fridge, freezer, TV, dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer, we can pick up one of your appliances on a day that suits you.

“We’ll then take it to be recycled, so you won’t have to load up your car, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your bit for the planet.”

Unlike Manchester City Council , AO can collect the appliance from inside your home, providing you’re in, or from outside if you’re not going to be in during the collection time. For a small extra charge, AO’s collectors can also disconnect your appliance for you as long as it isn’t hard wired, integrated or gas. Just make sure to add it on when you get to the basket.

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There are some conditions to the collection, such as that fridge freezers need to be completely defrosted and any water, takeaways or milk cartons emptied out. AO joked: “If we’re picking up a tumble dryer, washing machine or dishwasher, don’t forget to unload that too – unfortunately we can’t recycle dirty laundry!”

The drivers will then take your old appliance to a recycling facility in Telford, saving you a trip to the tip, and peace of mind knowing it’s been disposed of correctly. Thousands of customers have been left thrilled with their service, with 2,343 five star reviews being left on the AO website.

One said: “AO removed my old fridge freezer, this was in the house when I moved in and was not purchased from AO, still, they removed and disposed of it for a very reasonable fee. I booked the service online the day before and collection was prompt and fuss free. Really helpful and professional.”

Homeowners praise AO appliance collection service that can save you money

You don’t need to have made a purchase with AO to use the scheme

Another wrote: “Considering our council charge more to remove a fridge freezer, to have ao.com dispose of ours for cheaper was great. We were notified of the day and time, and the driver was very professional.”

Shoppers have been delighted that they didn’t necessarily need to be an AO customer to have them remove and dispose of an appliance. A third reviewer said: “I didn’t realize AO.com did a collect and recycle service. I thought collections were only available when purchasing a new product. I was therefore delighted to know this.

“I went online booked a slot really easily for the next day, which was amazing service. The price was very reasonable. I had a text first thing on the morning of the collection with a time slot and was able to track this. I would certainly use this service again and am spreading the word that this service exists and is so reasonably priced.”

Manchester City Council do have their own removal service, and will collect ‘large items’ from your home address, however, can’t collect from inside your property.

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Their website said: “We cannot collect from inside your property and items must be put as close to your bin collection point as possible. If you can’t move items easily some local charities will collect for free. If you live in a managed building – your caretaker or building manager may be able to help.”

The council does offer one free collection a year, with up to three items on the same collection, but will only take the items you’ve explicitly told them about. They will also remove an additional three items at the same collection at a charge of £27.

If you have already had a free collection, it is £27 for up to three items and £54 for up to six items.

While Manchester City Council will take large items like fridges, they won’t take items too big or heavy for two people to move and lift safely into a vehicle. They added: “This includes items that become too heavy after being left out in the rain, such as mattresses. Keep items like this as dry as possible.”

Other goods the council won’t take include items that are dangerous to lift or could damage a vehicle, hazardous waste like chemicals, paint stripper or asbestos, waste left in your home by repair workers, laminated floorboards or kitchen worktops.

You can find more information on what the council does, and doesn’t remove here – alternatively, the information about the AO collect and recycle scheme is here.

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