High customer volume for roofing repairs after monsoon storms

High customer volume for roofing repairs after monsoon storms

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — If you have water leaking from your ceiling after a monsoon storm, it might take a couple of weeks to get fixed.

Canyon Roofing said they receive about 40 to 50 phone calls on an average day. During or after a storm, they receive anywhere from 200 to 300 phone calls for repairs.

“It’s our busiest time of the year,” said Canyon Roofing office manager, Michelle Fatovich.

The busyness comes with a stress for urgency as customers call concerned about water damage.

“What we’re seeing is everyone kind of in a state of panic because all of the sudden they discovered these huge leaks,” said Fatovich.

Canyon Roofing said they try to get an inspector out to customers within a few days, but the actual repairs or replacement can take a couple of weeks before you’re seen.

“Usually right now for any sort of minor repairs I would say anywhere from three to four weeks as long as weather allows and then for replacements depending on the roof type, we’re around three to four weeks as well.”

When mother nature strikes, the weather can cause delays as well.

“Everyone is kind of in a state of emergency and unfortunately there’s only so much that we can do especially with weather delays,” Fatovich said.

Fatovich recommends everyone to have an annual roof inspection ahead of storm season.

“Annual roof inspections will make a world of difference. If we make a repair for you, you have repaired your roof, we still suggest yearly just to make sure nothing new pops up,” said Fatovich.

Customer, Tom Gerhardt, noticed water leaking from his kitchen ceiling after monsoon storms.

“Do I need a new roof is the number one thing, you know starting here, is there going to be another leak somewhere else? How bad is the damage? What is the cost going to be?” said Gerhardt.

Roof inspectors at Canyon Roofing each visit 10 to 15 customers a day to figure out what type of repairs are needed.

“As soon as they see us, it’s happiness because they know that we’re going to go ahead and get that taken care of for them and we’re going to make sure that they’ll have no leaks for the next couple of years ,” said Canyon Roofing Inspector, Said Aguirre.

While you’re waiting for the inspector, they said the best thing you can do during that period is to tarp the area that’s letting water in.

“Our timelines are just a lot longer during this season, so we always suggest kind of preparing before the rains come so you’re not having buckets all over your house or waiting for us to get out there for you,” said Fatovich.

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