Hays CISD school board approves $184,950 in winter storm repairs

Hays CISD school board approves 4,950 in winter storm repairs

Hays CISD school board on Jan. 23 unanimously approved a motion to ratify $184,950 in building repair expenses after Winter Storm Elliot caused freeze damage to several Hays CISD facilities.

According to agenda documents, a water line burst in the attic at the Impact Center, causing damage to the dining and administration areas. At Fuentes Elementary School, the fire sprinkler in the mechanical room burst, which caused damage to the cafeteria area. Cotton Holdings Inc., an infrastructure support service company, assisted with clean-up and restoration, according to the district.

Additionally, the fire sprinkler in Hays High School’s cafeteria froze and ruptured, which caused water to run under the wall down a floor drain at its main distribution frame. There was minimal drywall damage, but has since been repaired by staff. In all cases, the campuses were open for students on Jan. 5.

Max Cleaver, Hays CISD’s Chief Operations Officer, said the last winter storm cost the district over $3.5 million dollars.

“After the last winter storm we took a lot of time to install valves at those campuses where we had such major damages so we could train the systems,” Cleaver said. “We greatly reduced our damage this time and hopefully it’ll get better for the next one.”

The board’s next regular meeting will be held at 5:30 on Feb. 6 in the Historic Buda Elementary Campus Kunkel Room at 300 N. San Marcos St.