Great West Life Assurance Company of Canada owns $21.17 million in Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (NYSE:PEG)

Great West Life Assurance Company of Canada owns .17 million in Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (NYSE:PEG)

Great West Life Assurance Co. reduced its holdings in Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (NYSE: PEG) during the third quarter by 2.6%, as stated in the company’s most recent statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Following the sale of 9,999 shares of the utility provider’s stock throughout the quarter, the fund had 376,550 shares in its possession at the end of the period. The most recent filing that Great West Life Assurance Co. made with the SEC indicated that the company owned approximately 0.08% of Public Service Enterprise Group, which at the time had a value of $21,171,000.

In addition, several prominent investors have made adjustments to the amount of the company’s stock that they own within the past few months. During the third quarter, Destiny Wealth Partners LLC achieved a 304.5% increase in the proportion of Public Service Enterprise Group stock that the company owned. Destiny Wealth Partners LLC now directly owns 453 shares of the utility supplier, valued at $25,000, due to the most recent acquisition of 341 additional shares during the most recent quarter. A new investment of thirty thousand dollars was made in the Public Service Enterprise Group during the second quarter by Investors Asset Management of Georgia Inc. (GA ADV), an acronym for Georgia Asset Management. During the second quarter, Tradition Wealth Management, LLC, contributed to Public Service Enterprise Group $33,000 as financial support. A financial contribution of $34,000 was made to Public Service Enterprise Group by Total Clarity Wealth Management Inc. during the second quarter. Finally, but certainly not least, Washington Trust Company increased the percentage of Public Service Enterprise Group stock owned by 47.5% during the second quarter. This is not to say that this is the most important thing during this period. The Washington Trust Company currently owns 590 shares in the utility provider, each worth approximately $37,000. This represents an increase of 190 shares throughout the most recent three-month period. Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 70.67% of the total number of shares issued by the company.

Various research organizations have published PEG reports over recent years. Wells Fargo & Company rated the stock as “overweight.” It decreased its price objective on Public Service Enterprise Group shares from $69.00 to $68.00 in a research report published on November 1. The report was about the Public Service Enterprise Group. Additionally, the report assigned an “overweight” price target to the stock. BMO Capital Markets lowered its price objective for Public Service Enterprise Group in a research note published on November 14. The note was distributed that day. The new price target has been set at $59.00, and the stock’s rating has been changed to “market perform.” Credit Suisse Group stated that they had increased their price target on Public Service Enterprise Group shares to $63.00 in a research note released on November 4. The note was published on Friday. In a research note published on Thursday, December 15, Morgan Stanley announced that they were lowering their price target for the company and upgrading it to “overweight.” During the same period, they decreased their price target on Public Service Enterprise Group shares from $71.00 to $69.00. According to a research report made available to the public on November 4, Guggenheim stated that the brokerage firm’s price objective for Public Service Enterprise Group shares had been lowered to $67.00. Five equity research analysts have given the stock a recommendation to purchase it; five of those same analysts have given the stock a recommendation to hold onto it; and one of those same analysts has given the stock a recommendation to sell it. According to, the stock is currently rated as having a consensus “Hold” rating, and the consensus price goal is currently set at $67.45. This information was derived from a survey of analysts.

PEG began trading on Wednesday at $62.90. Over the past 52 weeks, the price of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated has ranged anywhere from $52.51 to $75.61, with an average price of $75.61 being recorded. The company’s market value is currently $31.38 billion, its P/E/G ratio is 5.47, and its beta coefficient is 0.56 at present. The simple moving average of the company’s stock price over the past 50 days is $60.30, and the average over the last 200 days is $61.37. The quick ratio is 0.46, the current ratio is 0.60, and the debt-to-equity ratio is 1.22. These numbers represent the company’s liquidity ratios.

The information that Public Service Enterprise Group (NYSE: PEG) has compiled regarding its quarterly results was made available to the public on Monday, October 31. The utility company reported earnings per share of $0.86 for the prior quarter, which was $0.02 higher than the industry analysts’ consensus estimate of $0.84 per share for the quarter’s earnings. The company announced that it had sales of $2.27 billion for the quarter, which was significantly higher than the average prediction of $1.98 billion in revenue. Public Service Enterprise Group had a return on equity of 12.96% and a net margin of 7.08% for the company overall. Compared to the same period the previous year, the third quarter of this year saw a revenue increase of 19.4% for the company. In the same period as the previous year, the business generated a profit of $0.98 for each outstanding share. Sell-side analysts anticipate that Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc. will bring in an annualized profit of $3.44 per share in 2018, and they have provided their projections in that regard.

In addition, the company has just recently announced and disbursed a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on Friday, December 30. This dividend was just recently declared and distributed. On Friday, December 9, dividend payments were sent out to stockholders whose information was already on file. The amount of each dividend payment was $0.54 per share. The day that the dividend was payable to shareholders was last Thursday, December 8. This equates to a dividend payment of $2.16 and a yield of 3.43 percent when calculated annually. Currently, Public Service Enterprise Group has a payout percentage of 158.82%.

Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated’s energy operations are primarily concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States. These regions account for the majority of the company’s business. The company’s subsidiaries provide service in these geographic areas. It is possible to disassemble the whole thing into its parts, which are the PSE&G and PSEG Power divisions. PSE&G invests in solar production projects, energy efficiency, and related programs and provides appliance servicing and repairs. The company also transmits power and distributes electricity and gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers who invest in these areas. Additionally, the company provides servicing and repairs for appliances. In addition to that, the company offers maintenance and repair services for home appliances.