Gogglebox’s Pete Sandiford says he won’t give up roofing day job

Gogglebox’s Pete Sandiford says he won’t give up roofing day job


ogglebox’s Pete Sandiford has said he will continue to do his roofing day job, despite being a Channel 4 television star.

The 27-year-old TV sensation, who stars on the reality show alongside his sister Sophie Sandiford, revealed he is still working as a builder because he has a mortgage to pay.

The television duo, who hail from Blackpool and first appeared on the show in 2017, have certainly become fan favorites for their witty humour.

Although the siblings earn £1,500 a month just by tuning into their favorite television shows, Sandiford said it wouldn’t cover the monthly expenses entirely.

Asked whether he would quit his day job now he has found fame, he joked The Sun: “I have got to pay my mortgage somehow.”

Pete and Sophie have starred on the show since 2017

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Reflecting upon his fame, Sandiford said it was “strange” when well-known faces actually recognized him.

He explained: “We just saw Eammon Holmes. I’m just a builder from Blackpool, so it’s a bit strange when celebrities know us. I was on a roof yesterday.”

Last year Sandiford became a father after welcoming a baby boy called Jimmy with his wife Paige Sandiford.

He had initially revealed the news that he was expecting his first child with Channel 4 viewers when he unveiled a baby scan to his sister on the show.

“I am actually going to be a dad to somebody,” he explained as he showed his sister a baby scan.

Speaking to OK! about how his life has changed since becoming a parent, Sandiford also recently said: “Do you know what, it’s actually been amazing. Nothing in life sets you up to become a parent.

“You don’t understand the sleepless nights, being tired all the time – it’s crazy. But it’s the best thing.”

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