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(WSVN) – Foster parents give their love, time, and attention to children they bring into their homes, but a South Florida foster mother says she didn’t get it back. Kevin Ozebek from the Nightteam did the 7 investigations tonight.

Carol Ferrer: “Here is joy.”

Carol Ferrer loves to cook and look after children. She has been a foster mother since 2018.

Carol Ferrer, foster mother: “I love children and really, really wanted to help some of the unfortunate ones.”

But last July, her goodwill and patience were tested.

Carol Ferrer: “One of the girls, she kept going to my mother to tell my mother that water came out of the ground.”

For a whole week, Carol found water everywhere.

On some days it went from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom.

Carol Ferrer: “We have this flood three to four times a day.”

Three different plumbers came out, but none of them found a leak.

They even cut open the wall under the kitchen counter to check the pipes.

Carol Ferrer: “You were confused yourself. They couldn’t find out where this leak was coming from. “

As the plumber’s bills went up and there was no answer in sight, Carol began to believe that something or someone else was responsible for the water problem.

She began to suspect one of her foster daughters.

Carol Ferrer: “They were too interested, so I started watching them and that’s when I found out. I saw how she threw water on the floor. “

Carol confronted the girl. The child eventually confessed to pouring water on the floor when no one was looking.

Carol Ferrer: “When I called the case manager and explained everything to her, she spoke to her on the phone. The child admitted to telling the lies and creating the problems. “

Problems that cost Carol more than $ 1,000.

Carol Ferrer: “I called immediately and the case manager answered and we talked about it this weekend.”

Carol complained to all the authorities working with the Children and Family Department that oversees this foster child.

These include the Citrus Family Care Network and the Family Resource Center of South Florida, but Carol says she didn’t get any responses.

Carol Ferrer: “I gave them enough time, but I did my weekly follow-up. ‘What’s up? What’s up?'”

These emails were later forwarded to her. In it, she learned that her case manager had left and “never made an incident report.”

Carol Ferrer: “I need my money back because during the pandemic I used my savings to look after the foster children.”

We reached out to the agencies for answers.

We have received this statement which says, “The Citrus Family Care Network and Family Resource Center will reimburse Ms. Ferrer. … Upon further investigation … we found that the original refusal was … based on the wrong schedule … “and” We are taking this opportunity to … improve communication about reimbursements for foster parents in order to prevent false refusals in the future. “

Carol Ferrer: “I couldn’t be happier.”

A few days after we received the statement, Carol received this check for over $ 1,700.

Carol Ferrer: “I’m very happy that you not only decided to pay me, but also looked at the policy. Thanks to Citrus, but above all to the news team for helping me. “

Carol says this one incident won’t stop her from caring for other foster children because of the dire need in South Florida.

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