Farewell to a historic oak tree | News

Farewell to a historic oak tree | News

A longstanding oak tree at the McCalla Center will be removed after stumping the Chino Planning Commission for more than a decade due to its bad health and infestation with wood-boring pests.

The Chino Planning Commission on Monday approved the city’s request to remove the tree and plant two replacement trees on the McCalla Center site on the northeast corner of Central and Schaefer avenues or another location.

Two replacement trees will be planted since two oaks once stood at the site.

The second oak was removed in 2011 due to bad health.

A covenant will be placed on the property to inform the future purchaser that two trees may potentially be placed on the site. The commission agreed with Arborist Patricia Gruett that the replacement trees should not be oaks but a more resistant tree.

City Planner Warren Morelion said the tree’s location has made it impossible to develop the vacant site.

He said the Community Services Department determined that one of the trees could be planted at Ayala Park in the courtyard between the newly updated baseball fields.

Commissioner Steve Lewis said it was tough to see the tree go but it’s a huge tree on just a small lot.

“It’s time to rip the band aid,” Mr. Lewis said. “It’d be nice if we could get some nice big replacement trees at Ayala Park.”

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2022-08-20 07:00:00