Finnish commercial premises specialist company LogisTila has a rare floating office for sale, which contains about 900 m2 of office space. The easily movable unit can also be used for other uses, such as a hotel or restaurant.

In the coastal waters of the Gulf of Finland rests a unique commercial property for sale. This is the first floating office building in Finland, which was completed in 2013 and has been the headquarters of an icebreaker shipping company ever since. The total floor area of approximately 900 square metres may also be suitable for hotel, restaurant, residential or PR use due to its modifiable facilities.

The complex, currently located in Katajannokka, Helsinki, can be easily towed to almost anywhere in Finland or abroad. Placement of the floating office is facilitated by the fact that there is no need to modify ground or quarry rock, for example.

High-quality Finnish expertise

The floating office presents the expertise and technology of Finnish building and shipbuilding. The quality of the building is top notch. In 2013, the listing won the RIL award, which is awarded annually to a construction project, site or concept that best represents high-quality, innovative Finnish building engineering skills and expertise.

Marine influences are strongly present on the exterior and interior surfaces of the building. Dark steel facade strongly resembles modern large ships, and glaze-treated round wood in the interior brings to mind the wooden ships of old times. The interior is crowned by a window the size of the entire wall, from which light flows inside. Smaller windows have been installed evenly around the premises, thus the entire personnel can enjoy the water scenery.

The complex was assembled nearly ready indoors in a shipyard hall, from where it was floated in place in Katajanokka. The combination of and office building and a ship has many different technologies needed on land and in water. For example, the pontoon foundation has ice-reinforcement and the building is connected to district heating and municipal engineering.

Suitable as office as it is

Nowadays, the premises consist mainly of office space. The top two floors have both more traditional offices and open-plan office space. If desired, the open-plan office can be easily enlarged by removing partitions.

In addition to offices, the building currently has meeting rooms of different sizes, social facilities and storage space and HVAC on the ground floor. At the front of the building is the main lobby and at the other end of the building has a handsome sun terrace, where you can listen to the relaxing splash of water in the summer.
Source: LogisTila