Elements Disaster Recovery Emerges As The Leading Water Damage Restoration Company

Elements Disaster Recovery Emerges As The Leading Water Damage Restoration Company

“Elements Disaster Recovery”

Water is the source of life. But water can also be the most destructive element for indoor spaces.

If someone has a leakage in the pipes or an overflowing sink, the first thing to do is to contact the emergency number of the most reputed Water Damage Restoration Company. None of the companies can beat the efficiency level and promptness of Elements Disaster Recovery that has been rendering service in Orlando and Jacksonville.

The company has categorized the water damages into three divisions for the ease of better support.

  • Category 1: Clean Water that has no contaminants or impurities. This category mainly includes cases of broken pipes, overflowing bathtubs, sinks, and roof leaks.
  • Category 2: Gray Water which contains some contaminants that lead to health hazards. This category includes cases of washing machine fill-ups, overflowing sump water, and dishwasher leaks.
  • Category 3: Black Water depicts the cases where contamination level is high, leading to serious illness. The common causes include sewer backups, toilet overflows, rising floods, and sprinkler line breaks.

Now, one must be interested to know why the company has such categorization. The reason is simple. When a client calls for water disaster control or damage restoration, the company will immediately form a team to work. As the company has very strict principles about skillset for each of the workers, they have separate teams to handle the different categories of damages.

The above action plan shows the extent of the commitment of the company to each project. They always assign the best-experienced team for the related damages. As the company uses advanced tools and technology for Flood Damage Restoration Orlando, they have topo appoint equally able technicians who can handle the equipment ably. This has become one of the many reasons for the huge popularity of the company.

They always understand emergency situations, and so, one can get 24/7 service from the company. Leakage and pipe bursts don’t happen to check the business hours. Their teams are always ready to handle any emergency with appropriate equipment and gear. The professionalism of the workers is appreciable, and it will be evident through every work they do. So one can rely on the company regardless of the extent of the water damages.

They maintain a continuous monitoring process to check on the drying rate. As water damages leave bad odors, they have specific treatment plans to eliminate odor too. The innovative drying methods of the company accelerate the restoration process.

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