EDISON DESDEMONA: A creation like no other

EDISON DESDEMONA: A creation like no other

Human being’s nature is to be reminiscent of their childhood memories. We often wake up with flashbacks of the times we spent playing with our friends and the surroundings of our upbringing. It is also difficult to find a place in this concrete jungle of a city, that helps productivity and creativity flourish.

In our current state of society all our efforts tend to be spent on finding a way for self-sustenance, causing us to have no space for being creative or pursuing our passions. In this generation most people are devoid of a hobby that rejuvenates their mental and physical wellbeing, simply because of the lack of space and opportunity. Edison Real Estate has been working on making a place that combines all the features necessary for a human being to not only live in comfort with nature but also have enough breathing space in order to delve in introspection.

Edison Desdemona, the newly launched stellar project of Edison Real Estate is going to be such an organisation. This ambitious project is located in 50 feet wide Japan Street of block- I, Bashundhara Residential Area. The neighbourhood is blessed with essential services such as groceries, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping malls, and more. 

Where senses indulge in melodies 

The first step into Desdemona itself is fascinating due to its triple height grand entry reception. With the motto of merging with nature, a large tree will be planted as the centrepiece of the ground floor surrounded by sitting areas in order to implement the childhood connection people had with trees, that’s why the whole compound will be surrounded by native plants. A double heighted waterbody will create an exhilarating atmosphere down to the first basement. A spacious child play zone filled with lush greenery sits right beside the sitting area where one can have their favourite drinks at the coffee lounge while keeping an eye on their children playing right before them. The thought process behind the whole settlement is to bring people out of their cubicle shaped apartments into an area where connections gradually build over conversations between neighbours, turning into a strong community. The connecting bridges in each floor will create room for the residents where they will share laughter, joy and stories. Breezes from the south will be ensured in all apartments via tunnel effect as lobby spaces are kept open with seating arrangements. The green area is not only limited to the ground floor reception but every apartment has a small green area of their own too. When it comes to large celebrations and gatherings, it has been made on the first floor of the complex. A multipurpose spare space has been kept on the ground floor beside the stepped garden for convenience. Adjacent to that a pedestrian entrance ties another 30′ wide road in the south.

Each floor features six units ranging from 2,755 to 3,450 square feet in area, and four luxurious penthouses with areas of 5,705 to 6,350 square feet. The apartments are segmented with voids allowing for a consistent flow of air and natural lighting. There are two options when selecting a desired apartment: three and four-bedroom units complete with a staff room and bathroom, making it ideal for all family sizes. To maximise user convenience, four lifts, including two stretcher lifts, are available to be utilised as needed. Additionally, Edison will provide an underground parking lot with a capacity for 132 cars, with two spots per unit.

Making a home, recreating memories 

The architecture of Desdemona embodies a structure inspired by exclusivity. The spaces have been designed with care and precision to provide an environment that’s open to everyone who enters the building at the same time maintaining privacy. A fusion of Bengal and contemporary architecture, impressive silhouette and subtle colours render it a sublime beauty that satisfies the eyes. The structure exudes a graceful energy that radiates a sense of warmth and serenity jewelled with salient features such as meeting room, badminton court, walking tracks, clubhouse, fully equipped gymnasium with sauna and many more. A spectacular infinity edged swimming pool along with a separate kids’ pool have attached showers and changing rooms available. The greens are not only a display of the childhood environment, there has been a vast platform made as covers between the voids, resembling the “Macha” in our Bangalee culture. This platform will prevent the harsh UV rays of the sun along making way for illumination. Plants will also be added to it for the aesthetic appeal and resemblance of the elements we have encountered in our hometowns. Vegetable garden at the rooftop is provisioned to complement that feeling. Some balconies are double heighted. Such spellbinding designs, by consultants from three architects, helped Edison Real Estate to envision more exemplary creations for the near future.

Edison Desdemona is going to be an abode of cosiness and enchantment beyond 40 katha of land. Here, the walls whisper secrets, the rooms cradle dreams, and the atmosphere is filled with tranquillity. A masterpiece of art, a canvas of creativity, and a shelter of warmth making it a magical realm of melody for your senses. 

Find out more about this creation: https://edisonrealestatebd.com/projects/edison-desdemona or dial 16760.