Douglas tree trimming services prepare for possible stormy weather

Douglas tree trimming services prepare for possible stormy weather

DOUGLAS, Ga. (WALB) – Several Southwest Georgia tree service businesses say they are picking up business ahead of Hurricane Ian’s path toward Florida.

Trees are already starting to get removed in several residential areas where trees stand over people’s homes. South Georgia Tree Service Owner Jeremy Shaw said he had to cut down 17 trees just for one resident on Tuesday.

He said his phone has been ringing nonstop.

He services several counties like Coffee, Irwin, Tift and Cook. Shaw said it’s important for residents to maintain tree health and growth, especially in residential areas.

Daisy Wilson has lived in Douglas for 16 years. She said she booked the tree service in advance to avoid tree damage to her home. But she said getting through to a company was a hassle.

“She wanted to get all the ones that would touch the house and the diseased trees out. It’s really important to keep them trimmed up like they need to be because neglected trees can cause damage to powerlines and houses,” Shaw said.

After the trees are taken down by the company, they then use a Carlton stump grinder to remove the tree entirely.

It’s usually a two-day job.

Shaw said unfortunately, several people have waited to the last minute to get their trees removed. He said the company has been booked up for several months now.

“My phones already blowing up. People got dead trees beside their house and want to go ahead and get them cut now and the thing about that is we already have people on our books and that’s with all the tree companies. I’m sure they are busy,” he said.

Experts say during a storm, winds up to 40-50 mph could potentially blow a tree down depending on the ground’s saturation and the tree’s health.

Shaw said that is why it is important to maintain the upkeep of the trees around your home.

Douglas officials said the Red Cross is ready to open shelters in the area if necessary, and that Douglas Utilities and Public Works crews are ready to respond.

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