Delhi gruesome murder: Plumber confirms Shraddha’s presence in flat where Aftab killed her

Delhi gruesome murder: Plumber confirms Shraddha’s presence in flat where Aftab killed her

aftab with police pti

aftab with police pti

Photo : PTI

New Delhi: Shraddha Walkar and her live-in lover Aaftab Poonawala were seen together at the flat they had moved into, according to a plumber in Chhatarpur Pahadi, reported TOI. This came as a piece of crucial information in light for the investigators as nobody had confirmed seeing Walkar alive and living in the flat, where she was reportedly slain, until today.

Police also recognised the garbage waggon into which Poonawala claimed to have put the victim’s and his own blood-splattered garments on Thursday.

“They came to the flat in the summer,” said plumber Rajesh. When I observed them on the lane, they were delighted and put their hands on each other’s shoulders.” He stated that it was the last time he saw her.

Rajesh remembered speaking with Poonawala on another occasion. He stated that he had received a call from the building’s owner to investigate the water problem that the second-floor tenants were experiencing.

“I explained to the family how to fill a water tank,” Rajesh said, “Aftab came in at this point and asked me how to turn on the motor pump for his water connection. I did a few plumbing works at the building after that, but Aaftab never phoned.”

When the murder was revealed a few days ago, the plumber saw Walkar’s picture on TV and in the newspapers. She was the woman he had spotted strolling down the path.

According to police sources, the authorities had located the garbage vehicle in which Poonawala had thrown his victim’s garments. The cops also questioned and took the paperwork from the couple’s landlord.

The accused would most likely be sent to Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, where he had previously been with Walkar.

Authorities in neighbouring districts have been notified to investigate whether any body parts were discovered in their jurisdictions between May and July.